How to Enable or Disable AutoComplete in MS Word

AutoComplete can be turned off in the AutoCorrect menu

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Microsoft Word's AutoCorrect feature is designed to make your work easier by automatically correcting your spelling as you type. The AutoComplete tab in the AutoCorrect menu can be set to make suggestions for words as you type. While the AutoComplete feature doesn't make suggestions for every word, it makes suggestions when it determines you're typing a date, the name of an individual, or any other entries in the AutoText list.

Turning Word's AutoCorrect Feature on and off

Like other automatic features introduced in recent versions of Word, the AutoCorrect feature may be a nuisance to some users. It is turned on by default in Word, but you can decide for yourself whether you want to leave this feature turned on. To toggle AutoComplete on and off:

  1. Select AutoCorrect from the Tools menu.

  2. Clear the check box beside Automatically correct spelling and formatting as you type to turn AutoComplete off or check the box to turn AutoComplete on.

Preventing Word From Making Suggestions

If you decide to leave AutoCorrect turned on, but prefer that Word not make suggestions for words, names, and dates while you type, go back to the AutoCorrect menu and select the AutoText tab. Deselect the checkbox next to Show AutoComplete tip for AutoText and Dates. The AutoText tab and the other three tabs — AutoCorrect, Math AutoCorrect, and AutoFormat as You Type — contain options you can use to personalize the AutoCorrect experience so it works best for you.

Word comes loaded with several commonly misspelled words, and you can add your own in the tabs of the AutoCorrect menu. If you add words to the AutoComplete tab, Word will suggest the words as soon as you begin to type them.