How to Use Firestick Parental Controls

Use Amazon FreeTime and other tools to protect the kids

Firestick is a television streaming device that allows you to access your Prime Video content, use apps like Netflix and Hulu, and even play games. If you want your kid to be able to use your Firestick without worrying about inappropriate content, we'll show you how to set up basic parental controls.

In addition to the basic parental controls that come built in, Firestick is also compatible with Amazon FreeTime. This app is essentially a replacement for the main Firestick interface that's capable of locking your kids out of inappropriate content, provides access to age-appropriate apps and videos, and it also offers more advanced parental controls than the Firestick is capable of out of the box.

How to Enable Parental Controls On Your Firestick

Firestick comes with some basic parental controls built right in. You don't need to install any additional apps to access these basic controls, but you will need to know your Amazon parental control personal identification number (PIN). If you don't have a PIN set up, you can do so through the parental control section of your Amazon account.

Here's how to enable parental controls on a Firestick:

  1. Switch your TV input to your Firestick and navigate to Settings.

    A screenshot of Firestick settings.
  2. Select Preferences.

    A screenshot of Firestick preferences.
  3. Select Parental Controls.

    A screenshot of Firestick preferences.
  4. Select Parental Controls OFF.

    A screenshot of activating Firestick parental controls.

    Skip to step seven if this screen says Parental Controls ON and shows a list of controls.

  5. Enter your PIN.

    A screenshot of the Firestick PIN entry screen.

    If you don't know your PIN or don't remember setting one up, navigate to and set one up. You can't use Firestick parental controls without a PIN.

  6. Select OK to continue.

    A screenshot of enabled parental controls on Firestick.
  7. Choose which controls you want to activate. If it says ON underneath a control, that means it's active.

    A screenshot of parental controls on a Firestick.
  8. To set specific content restrictions, select Viewing Restrictions.

    A screenshot of Firestick parental controls.
  9. Select your desired viewing restrictions. If there is a lock icon next to a category, your kids won't be able to watch the corresponding programs without your PIN.

    A screenshot of viewing restrictions on a Firestick.
  10. Parental controls have been set up, and you're ready for your kids to use your Firestick.

Setting Up Amazon FreeTime on a Firestick

Amazon FreeTime is an app that you can install on your Firestick and other Android devices to help control the sort of content your child has access to. It also provides additional parental controls, like the ability to limit screen time across multiple devices.

Once the FreeTime app is active, your child won't be able to return to the regular Firestick interface unless they know your PIN.

Here's how to install and set up FreeTime on your Firestick:

  1. Download and install Amazon FreeTime on your device.

    A screenshot of downloading FreeTime to a Firestick.

    You can search for FreeTime on your Firestick, or just add it to your account directly from the Amazon appstore.

  2. Launch FreeTime on your Firestick.

    A screenshot of the FreeTime app on Firestick.
  3. Select Get Started.

    A screenshot of the FreeTime opening screen on Firestick.
  4. Enter your PIN.

    A screenshot of the PIN entry screen on Firestick.
  5. Enter your child's information and then select Continue.

    A screenshot of the child profile entry screen on Firestick.
  6. Select the children you want to be able to view Prime Video content, if any, and select Continue.

    A screenshot of the Prime Video access screen for FreeTime.
  7. Choose individual titles to make available to your child, or choose Select all Kid's Titles to automatically select appropriate content.

    A screenshot of FreeTime content.
  8. Scroll down, and select Continue.

    A screenshot of kid friendly content on Freetime.

FreeTime is now set up on your Firestick for your child. You can repeat this process to add profiles for additional children if you like, or simply launch FreeTime to switch from regular Firestick mode to FreeTime mode.

As long as the FreeTime app is active, your child will be restricted to appropriate content, and you'll also enjoy other perks like the ability to limit their screen time.

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