How to Enable or Disable the New Mail Sound in Windows Mail

How to turn off sound in Windows Mail

Are you annoyed by the frequent sounds emitted by Windows Mail? Even the most pleasant notification sound can get old when you hear it as often as you get an email. On the other hand, if you've turned off the notifications at some point but are missing important emails, you might want to turn these alerts back on. Here's how to do both in Windows Mail.

To enable or disable the new mail sound in Windows Mail:

  1. Open Windows Mail and select the Settings gear icon in the navigation pane.

    The Settings gear in Windows Mail
  2. Select Notifications from the Settings menu.

    Notifications in Window Mail settings
  3. If you have multiple accounts set up in Windows Mail, choose the one you want to apply the changes to. Alternatively, select Apply to all accounts.

    Account selection in Windows Mail notification settings
  4. Clear the Play a sound check box. Select or clear any other settings you want to change.

    The "Play a Sound" option in Windows Mail notification settings
  5. Click anywhere in the Mail window to exit the Notification pane. The changes are saved automatically.

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