How to Enable AirPlay for iPhone

Turn on AirPlay to beam music, photos, and videos to other devices

What To Know

  • For music, open Control Center > long-press Music > tap AirPlay icon > choose device > Done.
  • To mirror phone screen, open Control Center > choose Screen Mirroring or AirPlay Mirroring > select device > Done.

This article explains how to enable AirPlay on your iPhone to stream data wirelessly between your phone and other compatible devices on the same Wi-Fi network. AirPlay on an iPhone requires an AirPlay-compatible speaker system, an Apple TV, or an Airport Express hub.

How to Configure AirPlay on an iPhone

To set up AirPlay on an iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that both the iPhone and AirPlay receiver are powered on and connected to the same wireless network.

  2. On the iPhone, down from the upper-right corner to open the Control Center.

  3. Tap and hold the Music control area, then select the AirPlay icon.

  4. Choose a device to connect over AirPlay.

    Opening AirPlay options on an iPhone

    If you connect to an Apple TV that isn't on the same Wi-Fi network as the iPhone, enter the code displayed on the TV into the phone.

  5. On some devices, select Done to establish the connection.

How to Mirror the iPhone Display

With AirPlay enabled and iPhone's built-in screen mirroring feature, you can display your iPhone's screen on your Apple TV or another iOS compatible device like the Roku.

  1. Open the Control Center on your iPhone.

  2. Select Screen Mirroring or AirPlay Mirroring, depending on the iOS version.

  3. Choose your Apple TV or another compatible device.

    Screen Mirroring settings on an iPhone
  4. Enter the AirPlay passcode displayed on your TV into your iPhone.

  • What devices can you connect to AirPlay?

    AirPlay works with both Apple and non-Apple devices to share content wirelessly between compatible devices that share the same network. For example, you can use AirPlay to stream audio and video from a computer or iOS device to speakers, TVs, or other computers.

  • What does AirPlay mirroring mean?

    Using AirPlay mirroring allows you to share everything that's happening on your device on a larger screen, such as a TV. For instance, you can cast a movie you're watching on your phone to a television screen with AirPlay.

  • Can I use AirPlay on my Windows PC?

    Non-audio streaming through AirPlay requires a Mac PC. However, you can use AirPlay on Windows to stream from iTunes or other media, mirror different types of video, and receive AirPlay streams from other devices.

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