How to Empty the Trash in Yahoo! Mail

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You can permanently purge the Trash at any time in Yahoo! Mail

A Clear Head and…

While old messages are removed from the Yahoo! Mail Trash periodically and automatically, you may still want to empty it manually from time to time. When you need a clear head and a clean trash, for example.

Empty the Trash in Yahoo! Mail

To permanently delete messages in your Yahoo! Mail's Trash folder:

  1. Click the Empty the Trash folder button (sporting a trashcan) next to Trash in the Yahoo! Mail folder list.
  1. Click OK under Empty the Trash folder.

Empty the Trash in Yahoo! Mail Basic

To purge all mail from the Trash folder in Yahoo! Mail Basic:

  1. Click the [Empty] link next to Trash in the Yahoo! Mail Basic folder list.
    • Note that this will empty the Trash​ folder and permanently delete the emails in it without further confirmation.

Undelete Mail from an Emptied Yahoo! Mail "Trash"

Emptied the Trash folder too soon? If you act quickly, you have a chance to undo the deletion and recover soon permanently deleted messages.

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