How to Empty Deleted Items and Junk Folders Fast in

Quickly delete those unwanted messages.

When you delete messages in your account, Outlook moves those messages to the Deleted Items folder. After a while, this folder accumulates a lot of unwanted emails. When your Deleted Items folder gets too full, empty it.

Permanently Delete All Items in the Deleted Items Folder

Before you rid your account of junk and deleted items, go through them to make sure you haven't missed anything important; spam filters occasionally send messages to the Junk Email folder by mistake. Likewise, check your Deleted Items folder for anything you might want to hang onto.

To empty the Junk Email and Deleted Items folders:

  1. Open

  2. In the Folders pane, right-click the Deleted Items folder.

  3. Select Empty Folder.

    Screenshot of right-click menu showing Empty Folder

    To delete email from the Junk Mail folder, right-click the folder and select Empty folder.

  4. In the Delete dialog box, select Delete all to confirm that you want to delete everything in the folder permanently.

Restore Deleted Items

If you delete a message by mistake, or if you set up your account to empty the Deleted Items folder when you exit your session, and you want to get an email back, retrieve the message.

  1. Go to the Deleted Items folder and select Recover items deleted from this folder.

    Screenshot of Deleted Items showing Recover Items option
  2. Select the message you want to recover and choose Restore.

    Screenshot of Recoverable Items
  3. Outlook moves the message to the Inbox.

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