Emoticons for Your Web Site

Add Emotions, Feelings and Flavor

In case you're not familiar with the terms emoticon or smiley let me let you in on one of the things that makes Internet writing fun and allows people to express emotion while writing on the Net.

A smiley is a group of keyboard characters that conveys a feeling or expression. Some of the more common smileys are :-) which means happy and :-( which conversely means sad. There are a lot of these, maybe even hundreds, that you can use when you are on a chat board or a forum or in any writing you do online.

An emoticon is a graphical character that you can use in very much the same way. It is more than a bunch of characters. An emoticon is a graphical figure, usually a face, that you can use to express a feeling or something else you want to convey on your Web site.

Emoticons are added to your Web site the same way any other graphic would be added. Right click on the graphic, click on save as and save it to your computer. Then upload it to your Web site hosting service and add the code to your Web page to make the emoticon show up there.

Before you use an emoticon from one of these Web sites you should first read the site to find out what their rules are for using their graphics.

Here are a few emoticon Web sites that I thought were really good and allow you to use their emoticons on your Web site. At the bottom of the list is a link to another page that has more emoticon Web sites that you can look through.


  • Emoticons 4U
    • All kinds of emoticons. Aliens, animals, computers, evil, family, horoscope, love, sad, obscene and many more. One page on this site gives you instructions on how to add emoticons to your Web site. There is even a short history of emoticons with a copy of an email from 1985 where the first emoticon was used.
  • Web Smileys
    • Graphical smileys and other emoticons for your pleasure. Borg, aliens, goo, cowboys, bouncing smileys, sleeping smileys, animals, cartoon characters and many more. Most of them are small and really cute.
  • Smiley World
    • Search the Smiley World database to find the emoticon that you want. There's more to this Web site than just a collection of emoticons for your use. The Smiley World Web site is full of smiley activities for you to do to.
  • Japanese Smileys (Emoticons)
    • Smiley characters that depict Japanese people and Japanese characters. See some of your favorite emoticons but with a Japanese flair. There are also characters from Japan and other emoticons for people and things that you will just love.