4 Emoji Translator Websites and Mobile Apps

Translate emojis to and from plain English to see what they really mean

Emojis help us better express our emotions online and in text messages when words aren't enough. Despite this, the complexity of our thoughts and emotions still go far beyond the limited range of ideograms and smiley faces offered by the keyboard on our mobile devices.

Even when you think you just used the best three or four emojis to accurately convey a specific message, this doesn't guarantee other people will be able to translate it so easily. Likewise, decoding the messages behind emojis used by others can be just as confusing. In these types of cases, an emoji translator tool can come in handy.

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Decodemoji website
What We Like
  • Lots of emojis to pick from.

  • A search tool makes it easy to find emojis.

  • It's mobile-optimized.

What We Don't Like
  • Can't pick emojis from the online gallery when using it from a mobile device.

Decodemoji is an easy-to-use, web-based tool that lets you input any combination of emojis you want so they can be translated into plain English (and vice versa). The tool forms complete sentences too, so you're never left with words and phrases that don't quite make sense. As an example, inputting a face blowing a kiss, a smiling face with horns, and a smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat will decode this emoji combination as: "The kissy face commits a sin happily."

Have a little fun with Decodemoji by clicking the Random Emojis button and seeing what weirdness results.

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Super Emoji Translator

Super Emoji Translator website
What We Like
  • Lets you write anything you want.

  • You can copy the translation out of the box.

What We Don't Like
  • No built-in spell check.

  • Supports English only.

Super Emoji Translator picks up on certain words in a message and replaces them with one or multiple emojis to help describe them while leaving the parts of the message alone. After clicking the big blue Let's Get Started button on the front page, type or paste your message in the given field and click the blue button below it to translate.

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Monica's Emoji Translate Tool

Emoji Translate of Meowni.ca website
What We Like
  • Suggests alternative emojis.

  • Results are shown live.

  • Makes copying the translation really easy.

What We Don't Like
  • Some translations aren't accurate.

This emoji translation tool was built by web developer Monica Dinculescu. A fun side project hosted on her personal website, the tool simply replaces some words in any message with emojis while leaving the rest of the unidentifiable or irreplaceable words intact. All you have to do is start typing or, alternatively, copy and paste some text into the given field. Press the big, pink Copy to Clipboard button to copy it so you can paste it anywhere.

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LingoJam Emoji Translator

LingoJam Emoji Translator website
What We Like
  • Lets you edit the translation before copying it.

  • Can generate random sentences.

  • Translations show up instantly.

What We Don't Like
  • Sometimes doesn't replace words with an emoji.

  • The emojis are only "somewhat relevant," according to the site.

If you have a sentence, a paragraph, or even several pages worth of words you'd like to dress up with emojis, LingoJam's Emoji Translator can help you do that. The site says it "converts text into text filled with somewhat relevant emojis." While the tool doesn't completely replace words with emojis, it identifies corresponding emojis and inserts them before and/or after the word to give it visual emphasis. Just copy the sentences or paragraphs you want to use, paste it into the text field on the left side of the screen, and watch your message instantly come to life on the right with all sorts of different emojis.

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