How to Insert Emoji in macOS Emails

Add emoji to your emails with this easy step-by-step guide

Mad egg emoticon

It's easy to insert emoji in your macOS Mail emails because there's a full emoji menu available in the program that's just a few clicks away.

Emoji include emoticons to express love, rage, and most things in between, as well as pictographs for common concepts and objects. Using emoji, you can both lighten up your emails to be taken less seriously but also add character and life to an otherwise bland message.

Adding emoji to an email is really easy, and you can sprinkle not only the body message with these fun images but also insert them into the Subject line as well, and even the "To" line.

Emoji characters don't always look the same in every operating system, so the emoji you send over email from your Mac might not appear the same to a Windows user or someone on their Android tablet.

Insert Emoji in Emails With macOS Mail

  1. Put the cursor wherever you want the emoji to go.

  2. Strike the Control+Command+Space shortcut on your keyboard or go to the Edit > Emoji & Symbols menu.

  3. Search for or browse through the pop-up menu to find the emoji you want to insert into the email.

  4. Select one or more emoji to instantly insert them into the email. If the pop-up box doesn't close when you insert the emoji, use the exit button to close out of that menu and return to your email.

Since the emoji menu is so small, it might be easier to use if you expand it to open the full "Character Viewer" menu.

To do that, use the small button at the top right corner of the emoji menu to expand the window. From there, use the Emoji option on the left to find just emoji, or select any of the other menus for arrows, stars, currency symbols, math symbols, punctuation, music symbols, Latin, and other symbols and characters that you can insert into the email. If you go this route, you have to double-click the emoji to add it to the email.

If you're using an older version of Mail on your Mac, the steps are bit different. If the above guide doesn't let you open the menu to insert emoji into the email, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Edit > Special Characters... menu item from within Mail.

  2. Choose the Emoji section.

If you don't see the "Emoji" section, open the settings gear icon in the "Characters" window toolbar and go to Customize List... to make sure Emoji is selected under "Symbols."

You can email emoji characters in very much the same way in other Mac email programs and browsers.