Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint 2010

Add video to your presentation to enliven your discussion

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PowerPoint presentations are a business staple. Many professionals like to embed their projects with YouTube videos as a way to keep audiences engaged, build excitement, and convey important information.

In this guide we'll tell you how to embed a YouTube video in any PowerPoint presentation.

This guide is for PowerPoint 2010. If you're running a newer version of PowerPoint, check out our guides for embedding YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2013, 2016, or 2019.

Preparing to Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint

To embed a video, you'll need:

  • The HTML code from YouTube that will embed the video into your presentation.
  • A live internet connection during the presentation (the video is not downloaded and added to the presentation file, but rather streamed from YouTube).
  • A little PowerPoint know-how on how to play the video on a screen.

Get the YouTube Embed HTML Code

On the YouTube website, navigate to the video you want to use in your presentation.

  1. Select the Share button, located right below the video.

    YouTube Share button
  2. Select Embed button, which opens a text box showing the HTML code for this video.

    YouTube select embed
  3. You will have a few options for how the video is to be embedded in your PowerPoint presentation.

    • Select the checkbox next to Start at: to choose the point during the video when the embedded video will begin to play.
    • Select Show player controls to have native video playback controls in the embedded video.
    • Select Enable privacy-enhanced mode to prevent YouTube from storing information about people who view your PowerPoint presentation on the web and watch the video.

    Make your selection(s).

  4. Select the HTML code to highlight it, then select COPY.

    Alternatively, press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy the text.

    YouTube embed HTML copy

Add Embed Code to PowerPoint

Once the HTML embed code is copied to the clipboard, you can place the code in a PowerPoint slide.

  1. In PowerPoint, navigate to the desired slide for the YouTube video.

  2. Choose the Insert tab of the ribbon.

  3. Toward the right side of the ribbon, in the Media section, select Video.

  4. From the drop-down menu, select Insert Video from Web Site.

    Insert video from a website into PowerPoint
    Wendy Russell
  5. In the dialog box, right-click the blank area and choose Paste from the context menu, then select Insert.

    Alternatively, press Ctrl+V on your keyboard to paste the text from the clipboard.

Resize Video Placeholder on the PowerPoint Slide

The YouTube video appears as a black box on the slide. The dimensions of the placeholder match what you previously selected. Here's how to modify the size of the box.

  1. Click the video placeholder to select it. Tiny selection handles appear in each corner and side of the placeholder. These selection handles allow you to resize the video.

    Resize YouTube video placeholder on PowerPoint slide
    Wendy Russell
  2. To retain the proper proportions of the video, drag one of the corner handles to resize the video. (Dragging a selection handle on one of the sides will cause distortion of the video.) You may have to repeat this task to get the sizing just right.

  3. Hover the mouse over the middle of the black video placeholder and drag to move the whole video to a new location on the slide, if necessary.

Test the YouTube Video on the PowerPoint Slide

Never assume that everything will work fine without a test. Press the keyboard shortcut Shift+F5 to start the slide show from this current slide.

Press the big triangular Play button in the middle of the video.

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