How to Share, Embed, and Link YouTube Videos

All Your YouTube Video Sharing Options

Sharing a YouTube video is the easiest way to show someone a video over email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other website. It's as easy as sharing the link to the YouTube video.

Another way to share YouTube videos is to put them on your website. This is called embedding the video, and it works by inserting the link to the YouTube video directly into some HTML code so that it displays on your website in much the same way it looks on YouTube's website.

We go over all of YouTube's sharing options below and give some examples on how to use a few of them so that you can share, in just a few clicks, any YouTube video you find.

Find and Open the 'Share' Menu

Finding the Share button on YouTube
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Open the video you want to share, and make sure it's a valid page and that the video actually plays.

Under the video, next to the like/dislike buttons, is an arrow and the word SHARE. Click that to open a new menu that gives you all the options you can use to share or embed the YouTube video.

Share a YouTube Video Over Social Media or Another Website

Share to Pinterest
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Several options appear in the Share menu, letting you share the YouTube video on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Reddit, Pinterest, Blogger, and more, including over email.

Once you select an option, the link and title of the YouTube video are inserted for you automatically so that you can quickly share any video on any of the supported websites.

For example, if you select the Pinterest option, you'll be taken to the Pinterest website in a new tab where you can choose a board to pin it to, edit the name, and more. 

Depending on where you share the YouTube video, you'll be able to edit the message before you send it off, but in all cases, clicking one of the share buttons will not immediately post the video to the website. You'll always have at least one more button to press before sharing it on each platform.

For example, if you share the YouTube video over Twitter, you get to edit the post text and create new hashtags before sending off the tweet.

If you're not currently logged in to any of the supported sharing sites, you can't share the YouTube video until you provide your username and password. You can do this either before you use the SHARE button or after, when asked.

There's also a COPY option at the bottom of the Share menu that you can use to simply copy the URL to the video. This is a great way to capture the address of the YouTube video so that you can share it over a nonsupported website (one not in the Share menu), post it in a comments section, or compose your own message apart from using a share button.

Remember, however, that if you use the COPY option, only the link to the video is copied, not the title.

Share a YouTube Video But Make It Start in the Middle

Start your YouTube video in the middle.
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Do you want to share only part of the video? Maybe it's hours long and you want to show someone a specific part.

The best way to do that is to share the YouTube video normally but choose the particular time in the video that it should start playing when the link is opened.

To force the video to start immediately at the time you specify, just put a check in the box next to the Start at option in the Share menu. Then, type a time for when the video should start.

For example, if you want it to start 15 seconds in, type 0:15 in that box. You'll immediately notice that the link to the video adds some text at the end, specifically, ?t=15s in this example.

Another option is to pause the video at the point you want someone else to see it, and then open the Share menu.

Use the COPY button at the bottom of the Share menu to copy that new link and share it whenever you want, be it on LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Twitter, an email message, etc. You can paste it anywhere you like.

When the link is opened, that extra tidbit added to the end will force the YouTube video to start at that time.

This trick does not skip through YouTube ads, and there currently is not an option to make the video stop before the end.

Embed a YouTube Video in a Website

Embed YouTube videos
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You can also have the YouTube video embedded within an HTML page so that visitors to your website can play it right there without having to go to YouTube's website.

To embed a YouTube video in HTML, use the EMBED button in the Share menu to open the Embed Video menu.

In that menu is the HTML code you need to copy in order to make the video play within a frame on the webpage. Click COPY to grab that code and then paste it into the HTML content of the webpage from where you want to stream it.

You can also look through the other embed options if you want to customize the embedded video. For example, you can use the Start at option for embedded videos so that the YouTube video will start at a specific part in the video when someone starts playing it.

You can also enable or disable any of these options:

  • Show suggested videos when the video finishes.
  • Show player controls.
  • Show video title and player actions.
  • Enable privacy-enhanced mode.

Within the HTML code are some size options that you can alter if you want to customize the size of the embedded video.

You can also embed a whole playlist and make an embedded video start automatically. See this YouTube Help page for instructions.