How to Share, Embed, and Link YouTube Videos

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Find the Share Button

Finding the Share button on YouTube
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You can share YouTube videos on just about every social media network. Some networks let you share a link. Some let you embed the video. Sharing a YouTube video used to be complicated, but now it's a click or two away for most sites. 

The first step is to press the Share button. Now, this is only visible on the YouTube watch page for that video, not on the channel page. That's an important distinction. If you see a link that says "View comments, related videos, and more" below the video, click on it, and that will take you to the watch page. 

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Share to Social Media

Share to Pinterest
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The second step is to click on the icon of the social media network you want to use to share. Pinterest, for example. If you're already logged into your Pinterest account, a new window will launch, and this will look exactly like it does when you pin any other website. 

The process is similar for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, or other networks. Make sure you're logged into your favorite social networking service and click Share. 

If you are trying to make a WordPress post, in most cases you'll just need to grab the URL of the video from below the sharing icons and just paste it on a single line in WordPress with no other text. The most recent versions of WordPress will give you a preview to let you know you've been successful, but older versions only showed your YouTube video after you had posted. 

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Start Your Video in the Middle

Start your YouTube video in the middle.
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What if you really only want to show part of the video? By default, your shared video will start from the beginning, but if you want to leap straight to the interesting part, all you have to do is advance to your desired start point, pause YouTube, and then check the Start box. When you share the video, it will start playing from that point.

There's currently no way to set the point the video will stop playing. Just the start point. 

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How to Embed Instead of Just Sharing

Embed YouTube videos
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What if you're making a website? In most cases, you can't just use a share button. You're going to need to embed the video. You can also embed in some blogs. The good news is that embedding usually gives you more control.  

  1. First, select the Share button as you would for any other share.
  2. Next switch from Share to embed. 
  3. Select Show More (optional). 
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Preview and Generate Your Embed Code

How to find the embed code in YouTube
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 Once you select Show More, you should see a preview of how your video will look once it is embedded. You can choose the size of your embedded video and select options for appearance, such as whether or not player controls are displayed. (In general, it's a better user experience to keep them on). Privacy Enhanced mode means that YouTube won't collect analytic information until someone plays the video. 

Once you have everything the way you want to it to display, copy the entire code. 

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Paste Your Code Into Blogger

Embed Code Blogger YouTube
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Now that you've got your code, you need to paste it somewhere. Blogger in this example, but you can use any blog or Web page that permits you to paste HTML and supports embedding.You just need to make sure you're posting this into source code. If you're using a WYSIWYG editor and paste in code, most tools think you want everything to be reformatted around showing code. You want to use the code to show your video. If you see easy buttons that make things bold or change the font colors, it's probably not the place to paste it.

When you use Blogger, you can paste source code by using the Edit HTML tab. 

If you press the Preview link, you'll see the embedded video.  If you don't see a video when you preview, go back and copy and paste your code again. It could be that you were missing a snippet of code.

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