emaze Review

Create unique presentations online for free

emaze isn't like most presentation makers because while it lacks many of the common features similar software includes, it provides an entirely unique way to display the slides of a presentation.

Among many other features we'll go over below, emaze supports regular text editing capabilities and spelling errors are caught automatically as you type.

emaze presentation maker example

Thoughts on emaze

As great as some of the features are, as you'll see below, you should be aware of the many ways emaze falls short:

What We Like
  • Unique presentation styles

  • Supports rich text editing

  • Includes themes to choose from

  • Basic presentation features

  • Automatic spell check

  • Can share the presentation with others through a unique link

What We Don't Like
  • Must create a user account

  • Lacks common presentation features

  • Can't change the font type of text

  • Can't save the presentation for offline use

  • Not everything on a slide is editable

  • Doesn't save your work automatically

  • All presentations are made publicly accessible

  • Lots of features only work if you upgrade to a paid subscription

emaze can create some pretty awesome presentations. You have to try it out to understand exactly what we mean by this, but one example of the uniqueness of this site is with the Breaking News 3D presentation where a canvas that resembles a newspaper is used to show the slides, zooming in and out to move through the paper as you move through the slides.

That template type isn't the only one available, though. You can also edit a template that resembles a PowerPoint one, where you click through the slides from left to right. Choosing which template to use is actually really easy with emaze because you can watch a short video before you select it.

The way emaze looks is way more impressive than its functionality. You can't customize very many things at all when you compare it to other online presentation makers like Google Slides. This makes emaze pretty much useless if you're in need of the deep customization abilities that you'd find in traditional presentation software.

However, emaze is great if you need to quickly put together a really neat presentation with some basic items like images, videos, and text to share with others. Viewers will think you spent hours building it when emaze really did most of the work for you.

Another feature included in emaze is the option to import slides from an offline PPTX or PPT file, but we were unable to get it working correctly.

emaze Features

These are some of the most notable features emaze has to offer:

  • Dozens of slide templates are available, from categories including business, education, art and design, sales, training, and marketing
  • Images can be added from your computer, a web search, a URL, Facebook, Instagram, or Google Drive. Also supported are shapes, audio, video, and charts
  • Several chart types are supported, like a line, column, table, and organization chart. They work by having you paste spreadsheet data into the chart
  • emaze allows some rich text editing as well as 3D effects, opacity adjustments, and shadows to be applied to text
  • Custom HTML and JavaScript code can be added to the head and body of the presentation, and SEO information can be customized to target web searches
  • Hyperlinks can be set up to not only link to a URL but also to another slide or object in the presentation
  • Scrolling between slides can be vertical or horizontal, and they can be unique for each slide transition 
  • emaze supports voice commands so you can start, stop, and move through a presentation with nothing but a microphone
  • During a presentation, the viewer can translate the slides to their native language