Email a Web Page in Safari Instead of Sending a Link

Send a reader, web page, or PDF instead

Safari Email web page
Safari lets you share a web page with friends via email.

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When we come across a new or interesting web page, most of us can't resist the urge to share it. The usual way to share a website with a colleague or friend is to send them the URL, but Safari has a better way. You can use Safari to email the whole page.

Send the Whole Web Page in an Email

  1. From the File menu, select either Share/Email this Page, or Mail Contents of This Page (depending on the version of Safari you are using), or press Command + I (the command key plus the letter "i"). 

  2. You can also click Share in the Safari toolbar. It looks like a page with an arrow pointing up. Select Email this Page from the popup menu. 

  3. Safari will send the page to Mail, which will open a new message that contains the web page. You can add a note, if you like, by clicking in the top of the message.

  4. Enter the email address of the recipient and click Send.

Send a Reader, Web Page, PDF, or Link Instead

Sometimes sending a web page in Mail with all of the associated HTML coding can be problematic for the receiver. They may have their email client set to not show HTML messages since they're a common indicator of spam or phishing, or a method of distributing malware. Or, like many folks, they just don’t want HTML messages.

If your recipients fall into the above category, you may be better off sending a link instead of the whole web page. the web page using one of the alternate methods supported by Mac's Mail app.

Once the Mail app opens a new message look for the popup menu on the right-hand side of the message header with the name Send Web Content As. You can select from:

  • Reader - this will send the web page while stripping out most ad content. The email message will also have the web page URL included. 
  • Web Page - This is the normal default setting, it will send the web page as it is presented in the Safari web browser. You may notice it is not an exact match. While Safari and Mail use the same rendering engine, the mail app may not display the same because the Mail window is a different size. The web page URL will also be included within the message.
  • PDF - Mail will save the web page as a PDF that is attached to the email message. It will also include a link to the web page.
  • Link Only - The message body will only include a link to the web page.

Not every version of the Mail app will have the above options available. If the version of Mail you are using lacks the Send Web Content As menu, you can use the following options to just send a link:

Send Just a Link Instead

Depending on the version of Safari you are using, you can either select "Mail Link to This Page" from the File menu, or press Command + Shift + i (the command key plus the shift key plus the letter "i"). Add a note to your message, enter the email address of the recipient, and click Send.

If you're using OS X Lion or later, you may notice the File menu seems to be lacking the Mail Link to This Page item. For some reason, Apple removed the menu item that lets you embed a link in an email. Safari still has this capability, though; it's just not in the menu anymore. So, no matter which version of Safari you're using, you can still send a link to the current web page to the Mail application by using the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + I.

Mail Message Subject

When Mail opens a new message using Safari's Email a Web Page option, it will pre-fill the subject line with the web page's title. You can edit the subject line to create something a bit more meaningful. In many cases just going with the original web page title may look a bit spammy and cause the message to be flagged by the recipient's mail system.

For the same reason try not to use a subject such as "Look what I found", or "Came across this". Those are likely to be red flags to spam detection systems.

Printing a Web Page

Another option for sharing a web page is to print the page and share it the old fashioned way, by handing the page out. This may actually be a better choice for sharing in a business meeting.