How to Email Undisclosed Recipients in

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Sending Email to More Than One Person…

When you need or want to send the same message to more than one person, you can easily do so via email: just add all the recipients' addresses to the To: field (or use Cc: perhaps to copy some and distinguish those people from the direct recipients). What if you need to send the same message to more than one person and do not want to send all the recipient's addresses along with the message itself?

…Without Revealing Recipients' Email Addresses

You do not need to create a new email for each recipient; you can use the Bcc: field in combination with putting "Undisclosed recipients" in the To: field to hide practically all the recipients. Their email addresses will be kept safe and private.

In, doing just that is easy. You can set up an address book (People) entry for "Undisclosed recipients" to make the process extra comfortable, and selecting recipients for the (hidden) Bcc: field is a snap, too.

Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients in

To email more than one recipient and hide the people you mail behind "Undisclosed recipients" in

  • Make sure you have an address book entry for "Undisclosed recipients". (See below.)
  • Click ⊕ New to create a new email message in
  • Start typing “Undisclosed recipients” in the To field.
  • Select Undisclosed recipients with your email address from the auto-complete list.
  • Now click Bcc.
  • Enter all the desired recipients for your message—the undisclosed recipients—under Bcc.
    • You can use auto-complete to insert recipients.
    • Click Bcc to have display your contacts for selecting addresses.
    • You can insert an address book group to easily add multiple undisclosed recipients.
    • Separate addresses in the Bcc field with commas or by ending each address with pressing Enter.
  • Add a subject for your message and compose it as desired.
  • Click Send.

Set Up an People Entry for "Undisclosed recipients"

To create a new contact in People for sending an email to "Undisclosed recipients":

  • Go to People in
    • Press gp, for example, or click the app switcher in’s top left corner, then select People from the menu that comes up.
  • Click ⊕ New.
  • Type “Undisclosed recipients” for Company under Name.
  • Now type your address (e.g., “”) for Personal under Email.
  • Click Save.

Enter Bcc: Recipients in

To add Bcc: recipients (who will receive a copy but not appear as recipients in the message) to an email you are sending in

  • Click Bcc while composing a new message, reply or forward in
  • Make sure the input cursor is in the Bcc field.
  • Start typing the desired recipient's email address or name.
    • Select from the suggestions offers if the recipient does appear in the list.
    • Click Bcc to select recipients from your address book (People).
  • If you typed an email address by hand (instead of selecting from a list):
    • Press Enter.

You can add more than one Bcc: recipient, of course. To remove any address or name from the Bcc field, click the x that appears to its right. You can also edit any address (if you spot a typo, for example), of course.

Forward an Email in

To pass a message on to one other recipient or more in

  • Open the message you want to forward in
  • Click Actions next to the email's sender.
    • You can also click the down arrow () next to Reply in the top toolbar.
  • Select Forward from the menu that shows.
  • Add recipients using the ToCc and Bcc fields.
    • Use Bcc for recipients you want to be hidden from all other addressees.
  • For each (To: and Cc:) recipient, explain why you are forwarding in the message body.
  • Trim, if needed, the forwarded message's text and header.
    • Remove or obfuscate email addresses, for example.
  • Click Send.

To start a forward, you can also:

  • Click on the message you wish to forward with the right mouse button in the message list.
  • Select Forward from the context menu that opens.

or, with keyboard shortcuts enabled:

  • Open the email you wish to forward or make sure it (and only it) is checked in the message list.
  • Press Shift-F.

Investing a bit of work, you can also forward emails as attachments in

(Updated May 2015)