The Recover My Email Un-Delete Tool

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Microsoft Corporation/Wikimedia Commons
What We Like
  • Recover My Email lets you undelete deleted messages in Outlook and Outlook Express

  • You can repair damaged PST and DBX files and recover data

  • Recover My Email is really easy to approach and use

What We Don't Like
  • Recover My Email does not undelete non-email data in Outlook such as contacts and calendars

  • You cannot repair a PST or DBX file in place but have to import back

  • Recover My Email works only with Outlook and Outlook Express

Recover My Email lets you undelete and recover emails deleted from "Deleted Items" or from a broken Outlook PST file or Outlook Express DBX message store. It's a pity Recover My Email only works with these two programs and does not undelete items other than email for Outlook.


  • Recover My Email undeletes deleted mail and restores messages from corrupted mail stores.
  • You can recover mail from Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Recover My Email does restore attached files along with email messages.
  • You can preview all mail Recover My Email can restore before saving them.
  • From the PST or EML files to which Recover My Email saves, you can import restored mail back into Outlook or Outlook Express.
  • Recover My Email supports Windows 9x/2000/XP/Vista and Outlook 2000/2/3/7 or Outlook Express 5/6.

Review: Recover My Email 3.1

Huzzah for the "Deleted Items" folder! If you have inadvertently deleted an email it's easy to recover from the trash- unless, of course, the "Deleted Items" folder has been emptied.

If that's happening to you, stop. Now get Recover My Email and let that smart tool work its magic. After you have told Recover My Email which Outlook PST file or Outlook Express MBX file to scour, it will list all the messages in your folders and, huzzah once more, recovered messages.

After previewing the recovered emails- some, alas, may come up as blank and cannot be undeleted, you can easily save all you want to a separate PST file or EML files. Recover My Email does not recover them in place, but importing undeleted messages back into Outlook or Outlook Express is usually easy.

Recover My Email not only works for mail deleted from "Deleted Items", but it can also help you if nothing seems to work in Outlook.

Maybe your PST file has grown too big or an obscure error corrupted your email store. Recover My Email can usually rescue most mail including attached files.

It's a pity Recover My Email does not support more data types for Outlook, and that it cannot apply its magic to email programs other than Outlook and Outlook Express. Files that have been compacted recently give Recover My Email a hard time undeleting, of course.