How to Use Email Signatures in Outlook for Mac

Setup a custom tagline for your email messages

What to Know

  • Select Outlook > Preferences > Signature. Select the plus sign, name the new signature, and type your desired signature text.
  • Then, under Choose Default Signature, set each account's default signature and the signature for new messages, replies, and forwards.
  • To insert a signature while composing a message, select the Message tab, click Signature, and choose the signature you want to insert.

This article explains how to create and use multiple email signatures in Outlook for Mac, as well as how to choose the default email signature you want to use for your Outlook accounts.

Create an Email Signature in Outlook for Mac

Setting up one signature is as easy as setting up many in Outlook for Mac, and you can set special defaults for certain email accounts.

  1. Select Outlook > Preferences. The Outlook Preferences window opens.

    Screenshot of Outlook > Preferences
  2. Select Signatures. The Signatures dialog box opens.

    Screenshot of Signatures category
  3. Select + beneath the list of signatures. A new signature line appears in the signature name list.

    Screenshot of Edit Signature
  4. Enter a name for the new signature and type the desired text of your signature under Signature.

  5. Select the options you want to use in the Choose Default Signature section. For example, to use this signature for all new messages you create, select the signature name in the New Messages list.

    Default signature list
  6. Close the dialog box when you are finished.

Rename an Email Signature

To give your new signature a name:

  1. In the signature list, select the name of the signature you want to change.

    Screenshot showing Work signature name selected

    If the signature name does not turn editable, select it again. Make sure you select the name of the signature, not a space that is next to it.

  2. Type a new name for the signature.

    Screenshot of New Signature Name
  3. Press Enter.

Set the Default Signature in Outlook for Mac

To pick the signature that will be inserted by default in new messages and replies you create in Outlook for Mac:

  1. Select Outlook > Preferences.

    Screenshot of Outlook Preferences
  2. Select Signatures.

    Screenshot of Signatures option
  3. For each email account whose default signatures you want to change:

    • Select the desired account under Account in the Choose default signature section.
    • Choose the signature you want to insert in new emails under New messages.
    • Pick the signature you want to be used automatically in replies and when you forward under Replies/forwards.
    • Choose None for no default signature, if you don't want a signature on replies. You can still insert one manually when you write a message.
  4. Close the Signatures preferences window.

Pick Default Signatures in Outlook for Mac 2011

To make your new signature the default in new messages in Outlook for Mac 2011:

  1. Select Default Signatures.

  2. Select the new signature under Default signature for all the desired accounts.

  3. Select OK.

Insert a Signature in an Email in Outlook for Mac

To use any signature you have set up in a message or change the signature used in Outlook for Mac:

  1. Select the Message tab in the message title bar.

  2. Click Signature and select the signature you want to insert.

As an alternative to the message’s toolbar, select Draft > Signatures from the menu and then pick the signature you want.

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