How to Make a Screenshot in Windows and Mail It

Capture your screen view and share it

What to Know

  • Search for Snipping Tool > select Mode > select type of screen shot > create screenshot > Save.
  • Windows 10: Search for Snip & Sketch > select New > Mode > create screenshot > Save.
  • You can share your screenshot by emailing it as an attachment.

This article explains how to capture a screenshot using Windows snipping tools and send it via email. Instructions in this article apply to Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

How to Take a Screenshot With the Windows Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is a quick way to capture screenshots of windows, full screens, or selections of a screen. After you grab a screenshot, send it to someone in an email message.

  1. On the left side of the Windows taskbar, select Start to open the Windows Start menu.

    In Windows 8, swipe in from the right edge of the screen and select Search.

  2. In the Search box, enter snipping tool.

  3. In the Search results, select Snipping Tool.

    Screenshot of Snipping Tool in Start Menu
  4. Select Mode.

    Screenshot of Mode menu in Snipping Tool
  5. Select the type of screenshot you want to capture.

  6. Select the area you want to capture in a screenshot.

  7. Select Save and choose where you want to save the screenshot. By default, the screenshot is named Capture. Change the name before saving, if you choose.

If you plan to use the Snipping Tool frequently, save time by pinning it to your taskbar.

How to Take a Screenshot With Windows Snip & Sketch

In Windows 10, the Snip & Sketch tool lets you grab screenshots of windows, full screens, or selections that you can send in an email message.

  1. Type "snip" into the Windows search box.

    "Snip" typed in Windows search box.
  2. Select Snip & Sketch under Apps. The Snip & Sketch window will open.

  3. Select New in the upper-left corner.

    New button in Windows Snip & Sketch.
  4. Select the mode you want to use in the Snip & Sketch bar that appears at the top of the window. Options include Freeform Snip, Window Snip, or Fullscreen Snip.

    Snip & Sketch bar.
  5. Select the area you want to capture in a screenshot.

  6. Select Save in the upper-right corner of the window and choose where you want to save the screenshot. By default, the screenshot is named Annotation along with the date and a sequential number. Change the name before saving if you choose.

How to Email a Screenshot With Outlook

No matter what email service you use, the screenshot you saved from the Snipping Tool can be sent as an attachment in an email. If you use Microsoft Outlook as your email service, create and send a screenshot from within an email message.

  1. Open Outlook and select New Email to open a new email message.

  2. Enter the recipient in the To field, enter a subject in the Subject field, and type your message.

  3. Place the cursor inside the body of the email message where you want to add a screenshot.

  4. On the ribbon, go to Insert.

  5. In the Illustrations group, select Screenshot. The Available Windows gallery appears and shows screenshots of all currently open windows.

    Screenshot of Screenshot option in Outlook
  6. Choose the window you want to insert. Or, select Screen Clipping at the bottom of the gallery to snip a part of the window you were viewing before you opened Outlook.

    Screenshot of Screen Clipping gallery in Outlook showing how to email a screenshot
  7. Outlook adds the screenshot to your email message.

  8. Format the image as needed and finish the email.

  9. Select Send to mail the message with the screenshot.

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