Guide to the Outlook Add-On ‘Email Scheduler 2.7’

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Email Scheduler lets you send emails and files in the future — once or periodically using very flexible schedules. It integrates well with Outlook and supports file masks for attachments, but you cannot control the content of individual emails or delivery using events or variables.

What We Like
  • Email Scheduler lets you send emails at any future date, once or periodically.

  • Messages can be scheduled flexibly using daily, weekly, monthly or annual patterns.

  • Email Scheduler can attach or the content of complete folders to scheduled emails.

What We Don't Like
  • Email Scheduler does not watch documents (and send only when changed, for example).

  • Individual scheduled emails cannot be customized.

  • Email Scheduler does not allow variables or events to control the delivery of scheduled emails.


  • Email Scheduler sends Outlook emails in the future on a schedule.
  • You can schedule daily, weekly, monthly or annual emails with great flexibility.
  • Email Scheduler can attach files (optionally using file masks) and entire folders.
  • Overdue emails can be sent when Outlook starts, and Email Scheduler can force sending on due time.
  • Email Scheduler supports Windows 98/ME/2000/3/XP and Outlook 2000/2/3. It will not work for newer iterations of Outlook.


Not all emails are due sooner rather than later. If you need to send something tomorrow morning, next week or even on the last Thursday of every month, Email Scheduler can help you do it right now in Outlook.

Email Scheduler adds a handy Schedule Message button to the message toolbar, using which you can set an email to be sent either at a specific later date or using a schedule. Email Scheduler knows many forms of recurrence so you can have fairly sophisticated automatic email plans. When a message is due, Email Scheduler can attach a file — or an entire directory, or a group of files even (making use of wild-card characters to select all .xls files in a folder, for example).

Unfortunately, Email Scheduler cannot attach a file only if it has been modified. It might also be useful if Email Scheduler could take into account more variables and events than just the time for scheduling. If these same variables could be used to customize the scheduled emails, that would be even better.