How to Add an Email Reminder in

Have Outlook Calendar Automatically Email You About Events

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Outlook Calendar lets you set email reminders for specific calendar events, which is a great idea not only if you need a helpful email reminder in addition to a calendar reminder, but also if you know you'll need more information about that specific event.

For example, say you have a calendar event set up for a birthday party in five days. You'll of course be reminded at the time of the event but you can also have Outlook Calendar send you an email two days prior (or any time before or after) that reminds you of the birthday party and includes a message you wrote describing what kind of present to buy.

How to Make Email Reminders in Outlook Calendar

  1. Login to Outlook Calendar with your Microsoft email account.
  2. Select the event that you want to have an email reminder for.
  3. Click Edit in the box that comes up.
  4. On the Details page for that event, click the link called Add an email reminder.
  5. Choose a reminder time from the "Email reminder" drop-down menu (e.g. 15 minutes, two days, etc.) or select a custom date and time.
  6. From the "Send reminder to" menu, choose either Me or All attendees. This option describes who the email should be sent to.

    "All attendees" is only relevant if there are multiple people marked as going to the event. You can add their email addresses from the event's Details page.
  7. Optionally fill out the text area with a reminder message that you want to be included in the email.
  8. Click Save at the top of the page to submit the changes and return to the calendar.

Tip: Outlook Calendar can prompt you with regular, non-email calendar reminders too.

From the Details page of the event, use the "Reminder" drop-down menu to be reminded of the event anywhere from five minutes to two weeks beforehand.