Email Cleanup Utilities for Windows

Forwarded emails frequently contain characters in all the wrong places. Fortunately, there are Windows utilities that will remove these annoying characters and reformat the mail for easier reading and further usage.

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slimail - Email Cleanup Service

slimail not only cleans up all those fun forwards you receive (no more wading through long boring paragraphs to find a tiny link), it also blocks duplicate messages, simplifies subjects, lets you block content while you're away and comes with a rating system.

It's really a pity slimail cannot clean existing email accounts. You get a new address instead, which forwards to your current one.

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Clippy - Email Cleanup Tool

Clippy cleans text from emails in countless flexible ways, and you can combine its actions in any way you like or need. Unfortunately, this does not include re-wrapping quoted text, though.

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StripMail - Email Cleanup Tool

StripMail is a solid program for cleaning up emails. StripMail's formatting capabilities could still need improvement, though.

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eClean 2000 - Email Cleanup Tool

eClean 2000 cleans broken forwards perfectly out of the box and can configured to suit your requirements with numerous options. eClean 2000 is not so well suited for formatting replies, though.

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eCleaner - Email Cleanup Tool

Remove > symbols, HTML code and old headers from emails with one click and eCleaner.

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emailStripper - Email Cleanup Tool

EmailStripper is really easy to use, and although it lacks sophisticated features usually produces great results cleaning up and fixing forwarded emails.

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SmartWrap for Windows - Email Cleanup Tool

SmartWrap for Windows is a no-fuss tool for cleaning and re-wrapping text from forwarded emails or replies in the most simple fashion possible. A plug-in for Eudora makes SmartWrap for Windows a bit easier to use, but that cannot make up for its lack of formatting power (especially when it comes to quoted text) and options.