Elsier Biage Otachi

Elsier Otachi



Africa Nazarene University

University of Nairobi



Microsoft Office


Hardware and Software Products


  • Articles have appeared on Help Desk Geek, Switching to Mac, Online Tech Tips, Make Tech Easier, and many other sites.
  • Professional copywriter who produces blogs, site content, marketing content, and branding collateral.
  • Senior Copywriter for Genesis Tech creating advertising campaigns, website content, and social media content.


Elsier Otachi is a former freelance contributor to Lifewire with over a decade of experience. She has written for various tech sites and tech brands including: Cloudwards, Windows Report, Online Tech Tips, Switching to Mac, and Help Desk Geek. 

She developed an interest in technology from her childhood days while playing video games, and it would bother her when the gadget wouldn’t work. Elsier also helped her fellow classmates out when they couldn’t get a workaround for an issue, whether she was familiar with it or not—she would look for a way out.

After graduating from college, she joined University, where she was first introduced to Computer Programming—a course she found a tad bit challenging, but exciting nonetheless.

Upon graduating, Elsier studied media and communication, to further her writing, after which she worked various roles in ad agencies, which opened up opportunities to work with tech brands, in developing content to create awareness, inform and engage their audiences.

She stays updated through research and constant writing which meets the needs of technology users who are looking for more information about software, or solutions to resolve issues around the devices they interact with on a daily basis.


Elsier received her undergraduate degree from the Africa Nazarene University, and is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Communication and Media from the University of Nairobi.

A Message from Elsier Biage Otachi

My ultimate goal is to help solve a problem, and add value through information sharing–there's nothing more satisfying.

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