Elise Moreau

Elise Moreau

Freelance Contributor


University of Ontario

George Brown College


Website Optimization

Social Media

Texting and Messaging

Streaming Services



  • Digital marketer since 2009 with a focus on WordPress optimization and social media management
  • Technology and digital marketing writer published on leading sites like Techvibes, SlashGear, WPMU DEV, Elegant Themes, Lifehack and others
  • Content writer and copywriter for small business websites, blogs, email campaigns and products


Elise began her work with virtual currency project Carrot.org during her last year of university before moving on to work for a small web hosting company after graduation. It was at that time when she started teaching herself everything she could learn about WordPress development and digital marketing. 

She set up a personal blog as a hobby and as an experiment, writing content mainly focused on the stuff she learned and applied in topics related to online business, web design, web publishing, marketing and social media. That little personal blog was what helped launch her career.

An entrepreneur at heart, Elise went on to provide digital marketing consulting services to small businesses—including website optimization, social media and content writing for both business clients and popular news media hubs across the web. One of her biggest passions is writing about social media, texting and messaging, and streaming, as well as productivity and self-improvement topics based on the current technology and web tools we all use today.

Elise is also the author of The 20-Minute Focus Plan.

My Gear

I use two MacBook Pros (one of which amazingly came back to life two years after I spilled coffee on it) for home and on the road, plus an iPhone 11. I also have a Windows 10 desktop PC in my home office plus an Apple TV and a Nest thermostat in my living room.


Elise attended the University of Ontario Institute of Technology where she obtained a bachelor of commerce degree in business and information technology. She also has a post-graduate diploma in small business entrepreneurship from George Brown College.

A Message from Elise Moreau

I write for Lifewire because I love breaking down tech and web topics for people in the simplest, most straightforward way. I also love helping people discover new resources or hacks that are quick, useful, and enjoyable. Technology and the internet are basically essential parts of modern life, which makes it all the more inspiring to want to guide regular people through the ups and downs of living in such a connected world.

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