Elgato's New Stream Deck Is Here and Fitted With Cool Knobs and Buttons

Zoom in, trigger audio clips, and change lighting on the fly

Elgato has finally updated the Stream Deck, a dedicated piece of hardware that adds a boatload of functions for live streamers, podcasters, and other creatives.

The Stream Deck + features an array of mappable buttons, similar to the previous generation Stream Deck, but adds four knobs to make minor adjustments. There's also an LED touch strip for navigating to different pages of apps and activating certain functions—think of this as a larger and more useful version of Apple's much-maligned Touch Bar.

Elgato Stream Deck +

Elgato / Corsair

The four knobs specialize in volume adjustments, EQ adjustments, camera zoom, and more. All of these adjustments are made on the fly as you stream, which is what makes these devices so popular. You can also assign a specific plugin to each knob for tweaking other parameters, but there are only a handful of apps available for use in this fashion right now.

As always, the eight large buttons perform a diverse array of functions, from launching sound clips to shooting out tweets, and even adjusting local lighting, though most of these tools are tied to Elgato’s proprietary software suite. 

To that end, purchasers can use all the company’s apps, including Camera Hub, Control Center, and the Wave Link virtual mixer. Stream Deck + also provides access to thousands of free sound clips and effects that are integrated with hundreds of useful apps. 

The Stream Deck + is available now at online and brick-and-mortar retailers for $200, making it $50 more than the previous model.

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