Elevate Your Exercise Routine with a Stylish Smartwatch

Get functional and fashionable with the Galaxy Watch4

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Anybody can start up an exercise routine, but if you really want to take things to the next level, you’re going to need the best equipment for the job. Just like runners need the best shoes, having the right tech can turn your exercise sessions from a normal routine to a complete lifestyle change. From tracking your progress to bringing you more information about your body directly on your wrist, having a great smartwatch can help you turn up the heat on anything you do.

Our search for the right smartwatch to complement our exercise routine led us right to the Galaxy Watch4. Not only is it a stunning piece of tech, but it brings all the right features to the table, making it a perfect accessory for those looking to up their workout game.

It Plays an Active Role

Smartwatches can be great for keeping track of your progress throughout the day, but the Galaxy Watch4 doesn’t stop at just monitoring how well you’re doing. Instead, it comes with a slew of other helpful features designed to help you stay in the know about your body and how your workout has been affecting it.

The Galaxy Watch4's built-in Body Wellness Assessment keeps you informed of all the health data you need to crush your wellness goals. It’s the most comprehensive set of fitness and wellness management parameters on a smartwatch yet, and you can keep track of everything right from the convenience of your wrist. The included Auto Workout Tracking also ensures you never miss out on tracking a workout’s progress by automatically picking up on activities like rowing, swimming, and running.

Whether you’re just getting your workouts started, or you’re already in a groove, the many features built into the Galaxy Watch4 can help you stay on top without missing a beat.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4

Style That Never Stops

Functionality doesn’t have to trump style, though. The Galaxy Watch4 delivers it all in a nice, neat package. Not only does it offer the features you need to up the ante on your exercise routine, but it looks great while you do it. 

The thin design makes for a comfortable fit on your wrist—one that stands out thanks to its sleek look, which is only broken up by two small buttons on the side of the watchface. The high quality screens on the watch also make for a bright and easy to read display, allowing you to show off your most luxurious or functional watch face with ease. 

Each model also offers multiple color options, and the ability to add on different straps allows you to fully customize how the watch looks on your wrist. Giving you everything you need to stand out as much as you want.

Keeps You Connected

If you want to focus on exercise, then removing the need for heavy cellphones and other tech is vital to your workout routine. With the Galaxy Watch4, included LTE connectivity keeps you connected, no matter where you are, without the hassle of always carrying your phone around with you. Whether you’re waiting on an important email, or just trying to finish up a call with your family, the Galaxy Watch4 gives you all the power you need to complete those tasks while still focusing on your personal wellbeing.

The Galaxy Watch4 is also one of the first smartwatches to include the new and improved Wear OS Powered by Samsung. This means more access to apps and Android experiences directly on your wrist, as well as improved performance over previous operating systems. Wear OS Powered by Samsung includes the best features of Samsung’s previous smartwatch operating systems, combined with the best of Google’s Android watch OS. This creates a smooth combination of Google’s tweaks while maintaining the sleek and reliable Android watch experience that Samsung has become known for over the years.

Fashion meets function cohesively with the Galaxy Watch4. A suite of features designed to elevate your exercise routine collides with a multitude of customization options and a sleek look that is guaranteed to garner the attention of those around you. You used to have to choose between a fashionable watch, or one that does everything you needed it to do. That’s no longer the case, as the Galaxy Watch4 blends everything you need into a single package that never stops working for you.

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