Multimedia Lesson Plans for Elementary and Secondary Schools

Help your students learn computer skills while studying other subjects

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PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker are easy to use multimedia tools that enhance your lesson plans and help students acquire computer skills. Teach computer skills and other subjects while testing student knowledge through web quests, multiple choice quizzes, building web pages using PowerPoint, and making simple videos using basic movie editing software.

Information in this article applies to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; PowerPoint for Mac, PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, and PowerPoint Online.

Integrate Technology in the Classroom with Multimedia Lesson Plans

Using technology in the classroom, whether in elementary or secondary school, is an expectation in the curricula of just about every grade level. Some teachers are at a loss as to how to do this. If you make the experience fun, kids will want to participate. It can be your secret that they are learning as well.

  1. Math Lessons Using PowerPoint

    What We Like
    • Fun for elementary students.

    • Simple addition, subtraction, and basic shapes.

    • Multiplication tables.

    • Multiplication tables quiz or classroom game.

    What We Don't Like
    • Have to keep a selection of slides when re-using to avoid memorization.

    • Some pre-made templates use graphics which date the slideshow.

    Using PowerPoint to teach math couldn't be simpler. There are templates for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even simple shapes. You can use these templates to replace those archaic flashcards of yesteryear.

  2. Great Alternatives to Windows Movie Maker

    What We Like
    • Create a simple video.

    • Addresses curriculum for elementary and secondary levels.

    • Addresses high school Business curriculum.

    • Suitable for grades 6 and up.

    What We Don't Like
    • Movies could distract some students.

    • Does not cater to all learning styles.

    With the use of different video editors, teachers and students can use this tool as a way to make learning fun and interactive. Even though the free Windows Movie Maker is no longer available, there are several other options out there that can serve the same primary purpose.

  3. Write Stories Using PowerPoint Story Templates

    What We Like
    • Create simple stories.

    • Download sample stories.

    • Elementary grades can add clip art and write simple sentences to describe the scene.

    • Higher grades can add animations, sounds and narration to enhance stories.​

    What We Don't Like
    • Have to be aware of copyrighted materials and licensing.

    • Will have to find ways to stimulate story creation or story templates.

    PowerPoint as a storyteller can be an inventive way to create interactive storytelling. If you're uncertain how to use these PowerPoint templates there are tons of tips on how to make your slideshow come to life. Whether it's changing colors of font or backgrounds, adding clipart, or using sounds or narration in your slides, PowerPoint can be a powerful tool to tell unique stories.

  4. Create a Simple Family Tree

    What We Like
    • Use PowerPoint to create a simple family tree.

    • Suitable for younger elementary grades.

    What We Don't Like
    • Can't collaborate on a single family tree.

    • Multiple users cannot update the tree simultaneously.

    • Can be a bit fussy in the layout.

    PowerPoint has some useful options to help build family trees with little effort. If you teach elementary students, use a simpler layout to teach them the basics of genealogy. Even high school students can learn from a more detailed template the aspects of how family trees work.

  5. Create Multiple Choice Quizzes for the Classroom

    What We Like
    • Use PowerPoint to add fun to classroom quizzes and games.

    • Suitable for elementary and secondary school grades.

    What We Don't Like
    • Alter template hyperlinks if you decide to move answers around.

    • Can be time intensive to set up.

    Perhaps one of the best and most flexible uses is for multiple choice quizzes. With a small bit of effort, you can create a quiz suitable for oral testing and even written exams. While you're at it, make some fun trivia quizzes to save for a rainy day. You can add graphics, sound, and have tons of bright colors.

  6. Get Creative With Templates

    There are also tons of built-in templates in PowerPoint that you can use easily and effectively in the classroom. Whether you're teaching the students or they are creating presentations for class themselves, there are tons of ways to keep your class or audience enthralled.