Electrohome's New Vinyl Combo System Makes for Easy Wireless Audio

This record player and bookshelf speakers are besties

Electrohome has just launched a pair of audio devices that make it easy to listen to vinyl records without those annoying wires. 

First up, the Electrohome Montrose record player is designed for vinyl enthusiasts and is packed with features to increase the overall sound quality, such as a removable cartridge for customization, an Audio Technica diamond-tipped needle, an adjustable counterweight for fine-tuning, and a motor that automatically adjusts the speed to ensure consistent rotation. 

Electrohome Montrose and McKinley


The record player is available in both wired and wireless versions, but the latter truly brings some innovation to the table. The Montrose record player is sold as a bundle with the company’s new McKinley active bookshelf speakers, allowing for seamless wireless audio via Bluetooth. 

In other words, you will have a true wireless vinyl experience right out of the box, though the Montrose can transmit signals via Bluetooth to any appropriate wireless speaker. The reverse is also true, as the McKinley speakers can accept wireless audio from any source. 

Electrohome McKinley Speakers


Both the McKinley speakers and Montrose record player ship in attractive wood cabinets and boast plenty of connection options beyond Bluetooth 5.0. There are RCA, aux-in, and USB inputs, and the latter allows for the use of thumb drives and USB hard drives. 

This bundle is available now for $220, though each item is available for purchase separately on the company’s website. For you cable-heads out there, a wired bundle costs $200.

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