The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Maps

Annotated Oblivion Maps - Province of Cyrodiil

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Annotated Game Map
Annotated Oblivion Game Map v. 1.1. Bethesda, annotated by Jonathan D. Wells

 These maps have been updated and can be found on the next page, or by clicking here. The maps are now version 1.2, and now include much more, as well as a full map of The Shivering Isles.

The Province of Cyrodiil is a vast area — it is this very area that Oblivion gamers are encountering in every quest they do within the game. Allot of times you know 'about' where you need to go, but don't know exactly... these maps should help solve that problem.

This Oblivion map has been annotated by Jonathan D. Wells, and with his permission, I am hosting the file to share with Oblivion gamers around the world. The map not only shows the general layout of the land, but it is also annotated with some of the most useful markers from the game, such as campsites, Deadra shrines, Doomstones, Gates to Oblivion, settlements, natural landmarks, way shrines, and more.

Using this map you can easily spot where you need to go, once you've been there your in-game map will show the marker and you can fast travel to it at any time in the future. Special thanks to Jonathan D. Wells for all the hard work annotating the Oblivion map, and allowing me to share it with other Oblivion gamers.

Annotated Oblivion Game Map

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Oblivion Map Specs

  • Height: 3256 pixels
  • Width: 2648 pixels
  • File Size: 2.14 MB

Interactive Oblivion Game Map

There is also a website on the Internet that has used the Google Map technology to create an interactive Oblivion map. This map, however, cannot be downloaded. To view and use the interactive Oblivion map, visit The flash presentation is pretty nifty, and you can toggle various types of markers either on or off.

More Oblivion Maps

If you have a map for Oblivion and would like to share it please let me know.

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On the previous page there are a few resources for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, different game maps and such. On this page you will find the updated version of that map (version 1.2) as we as a brand new annotated map of Shivering Isles.

Special thanks to Jonathan D. Wells for all of his hard work in creating these maps and allowing me to share them with the rest of the community.

You can view and download the maps below.

Oblivion Annotated Game Map

New is this version of the map, version 1.2 features all of the locations added to Cyrodiil in The Knights of The Nine, The Shiversing Isles, the latest official plugins, as well as all Aylied Wells, Reman, Hestra and Sidri-Ashak Stones, and other minor improvements.

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  • Download the Oblivion Map v 1.2 (right click and save as)
  • Details: 3256 x 2648 (2.86MB)

Shivering Isles Annotated Game Map

This annotated game map is created in the same style as the original Oblivion map and includes all of the standard features, all locations marked, as well as the Obelisks. It also delineates the sector bounderies of Mania, Dementia, and the Fringe.

  • View the Shivering Isles Map v 1.0
  • Download the Shivering Isles Map v 1.0 (right click and save as)
  • Details: 1480 x 1360 (745KB)

Once again, special thanks to Jonathan D. Wells for creating these maps and sharing them with us as a great addition to the rest of the Oblivion Resources available here.