The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Hints and Tips

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion screenshot

BenBenW/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 

The following tips and hints have been submitted from various Oblivion players from around the world. Many of them are quite useful and can help you in the PC or Xbox 360 version of the game.

Defend Melee Attacks Easily

Feeling kinda frightened by the big, evil, meele warrior coming towards you? Well, just find some rocks (if you can get outside) or some other object and jump onto it. You can then stand on the top of it, hurling fireballs and shooting arrows at the poor foe, who'll be unable to defend himself. Submitted by: Jesper Lundkvist

Items Slowing You Down?

If you play this game a lot and use many weapons, you're limited to carrying items up to your capacity. Or, you don't want your weapons to slow you down, even if you're about 1/3rd's away from maxing out.

This is a great method of carrying a lot of weapons, armors, potions, and/or misc items that you don't want in your own inventory.

When you are given the magical horse, "Shadowmere" from the Dark Brotherhood, this is the only horse you will always use, since it's indestructible. Here's the trick;

Try to beat down the horse until it is unconscious. Immediately, before it gets back up, go to the corpse and search the body like you would with normal enemies, etc. Usually, an unconscious character will only provide you with the option, "Talk", while the character is still on the ground.

You can search the horse, push the left trigger button and drop in whatever you need carrying. This is far more than carrying everything you possibly can on your personal inventory while in battle.

This works with the Xbox 360 and using the horse armor. Submitted by: Anthony T.

The Right Weapon Array

Given the complex combat and wide array of enemies in Oblivion, it is vital that you keep an array of weapons available for your early encounters. Enchanted weapons show up fairly often after level 5 or so, so be sure to keep a fire-based enchanted weapon along with a shock-based, Magicka affecting, and simple unenchanted weapon on your person (an Ease Burden spell from Deetsan in the Cheydinhall Mages Guild can help with the weight).

If you find yourself not making much of a dent with a fire-casting weapon, switch around until you find the weakness of your current enemy. These few more points of damage per hit often make the difference between life and death. Submitted by: Paul Slayton

Close Oblivion Gates Quickly

If you want to close Oblivion gates fast, all you have to do is that when you enter the realm of Oblivion you just run as fast as you can and go get the sigil stone. Submitted by: Christian Jansson

Increase Acrobatics Skill Quickly

If you want to increase your acrobatics skill faster you can travel to some stairs or a steep hill and just jump your way up. Because then you will be airborne for as short as possible and can start a new jump. Submitted by: Christian Jansson

Increase Sneak Skill Quickly

If you want to increase your sneak skill fast then you can go to the Imperial City Arena and go to one of the ponds with sacred lotus in them and go in to sneak mode and press "Q" (default) if that's your autorun key. You will now increase your sneak skill because there are guards near the door. You can even go away from the computer and then come back to see that your sneak skill has increased. Tip: if you choose to sneak as one of your major skills and do this your level will also be raised quick. Submitted by: Christian Jansson

Fun in the Air

This is not a real tip it's just fun. Jump up in the air near a person and start a conversation with the person and you will stay in the air while the person is talking to you. You will fall down when you exit the conversation. Submitted by: Christian Jansson

Duplicating Items in Oblivion

To duplicate any item in your inventory, all you need is a bow and at least 2 of any arrow type. To duplicate an item, simply draw your bow, and keeping your bow drawn, enter the inventory menu. Then you must unequip the arrows you have equipped (a message will appear saying you cannot unequip weapons until you are done attacking).

After that, find the item you wish to duplicate and drop it. Now, when you exit the inventory the item you dropped to duplicate will appear, with however many duplicates you wanted (number of arrows equipped) and fall to the ground.

This cheat will only work if the number of items duplicated is lower than the number of arrows equipped. Make sure your bow is fully drawn when entering the inventory. Submitted by: Kris Moran

The basic rule for this is that most enchanted and rare items don't work but there are a few exceptions. Additional info submitted by: Travis Gardner

Kill Umbra and Get Her Armor and Sword

To kill Umbra and get her armor/sword just jump on the broken pillar in the square and then shoot her. She gives you Umbra, the soul-eating sword. Submitted by: Niko G.

Increasing Sneak Skill Quickly

To get your sneak skill up easily, go to someone's house who is sleeping, go into sneak mode, and run continuously into a wall outside their room. Submitted by: Skylar Wolfe

Oblivion Is a Sandbox - Have Fun

Being so open-ended, many gamers will try to play Oblivion in the same way they played Final Fantasy, or Neverwinter Nights, or Diablo, or any variation of the standard RPG. They think of it as playing a game with standardized functions and goals.

Oblivion is meant to be played as if you were there, living the life of the character you've created. After listening to the viewpoints of those that don't like Oblivion but enjoy other RPGs, it all boils down to the idea of open interpretation. By this I mean when you're so used to being told what to do and following a storyline, you look for a story to guide you.

In Oblivion, you make your own story. A great tip to help gameplay would be to realize that when you start the game up, you should let yourself go and make choices in Oblivion like you would make them in real life, and don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Most of the fun I've had in Oblivion is from getting caught, or not being strong enough to win a fight, and just getting creative. It's a giant sandbox, where you can create your world or destroy it as you please. Submitted by: Anonymous

Easy Enemies Throughout Oblivion

If you want the enemies to be easy through-out the game simply create a new character and make the seven main skills the skills you will use the least or even not at all (like hand-to-hand, marksman, blunt, or whatever skills you personally don't really use). You will not go up many levels but neither will the enemies you face. Submitted by: Steve Bopp

Tired of Being Over-Encumbered?

Tired of always being over-encumbered? Well here are some tips for reducing that hassle. They require a somewhat higher alchemy and entrance to the arcane university. First, an easy way to solve the problem is to enchant a weapon or piece with a fortify strength or feather spell.

A second way to solve the problem is alchemy. If you have a fairly high alchemy you can make feather potions that reduce weight by the hundreds for several minutes. You can drink multiple at once so you can hold higher than 1200 lbs for over 500 seconds. Submitted by: Ryan P.

Kill Ten Bears Quickly

In the quest where you have to kill ten wild bears for the farmer, the easiest way for a weak character to accomplish this is to wander until you find a bear, and then run as fast as you can back towards the farmhouse. Once there run into the fenced garden.

The bear will chase you in. Then quickly run out before the bear can kill you and swing the door shut behind you. The bear will be trapped, and you can fire arrows or spells at him to kill him. Submitted by: Lucrezia W.

Killing Minotaur Lords the Easy Way

Once the player has risen through the ranks of the Arena and become Grand Champion, weekly matches for money against different monsters become available. The toughest monster one ends up fighting is the Minotaur Lord, up to three at a time.

The trick to defeating them is to retreat back into the hall entrance to the Arena pit; the Minotaur Lords are simply too tall to follow after you, and lacking any ranged weapon, cannot reach you.

Assuming you have enough arrows (at least 50 or so) and a bow, or alternatively, a decent arsenal of destructive magic, picking each Minotaur Lord off from a distance is easy. And for your trouble, you get 2000 or more gold. Not a bad deal. Submitted by: Joshua K.

Solve Speechcraft Issues

When joining Arcane Univerity through Mages Guild, go and create cheap spell: Charm 100 pts for 2 sec. This is cheap and solves all Speechcraft issues and very helpful with Mercantile. Submitted by: Wynand Viloen

Gold From Count of Skingrad

The count of Skingrad is very forgetful. Upon completion of the vampire quest (the one where you try and cure yourself of vampirism), he will offer you a reward for ending his wife's pain. However, he won't remember that he has given you this reward.

Keep asking him about the reward for 2,500 gold each ask, a very fast way to afford those houses you have had your eye on or to increase that alchemy skill or mercantile that grind oh so slowly. Submitted by: Robert McDowell

Head up to Win Battles Easier

The easiest way to win a battle against the enemy AI is to get to high ground (e.g. a rock) where the enemy can't reach you. High Acrobatics will let you jump high enough so the opponent can't follow you. Defeat them with ranged attacks like magic or bows.

If the enemy uses ranged weapons as well, see if you can take cover or at least dodge them without falling off. If you fall off, or the enemy comes up, retry or find a better place to climb upon. Submitted by: Stefan Daniel Schwarz

Best Light Armor for Beginners

This must be the best light armor you can get in the beginning. Head to Leyawiin (the city to the south). Just outside the city, you can find a tomb called Amelion Tomb. The tomb is located to the north, on the eastern side of the "river". Just follow the right side of the river and you will get to the tomb, it's very close to the city.

Inside you can find a complete set of light armor called Brusefs Amelion Armor. It provides cold resist, and the weapon is a longsword that adds 5 cold damage. The pieces of armor are scattered in the tomb but they're quite easy to find. Submitted by: Markus Johansson

Storing Items - General Tips

No house, but need a place to store stuff? Use rooftops to store your stuff. Stable buildings outside of towns work well. There's usually a way to jump onto the building from hills or rocks. Your items are out of sight and NPCs generally don't go climbing up on rooftops so your stuff stays where you put it.

Also, don't go storing your things in random containers because when the game refreshes the items in that container it may delete all your stuff. Submitted by: Mike Evans

Add +5 to Your Favorite Stats

If you enter the console (~ key) and then enter "setdebugtext 10", followed by "TDT", it will output all the information about your skills and how close you are to gaining a skill point. Entering "TDT" again will toggle the display of information on and off.

It will also display how many points for each attribute you've gained. For example, it will show STRENGTH: 10, as in you've gained 10 skill points governed by strength, therefore allowing you a full +5 STRENGTH next time you level up. This, combined with strategically choosing your major skills, will make it easy to ensure you have +5 attribute multipliers for chosen stats EACH TIME you level up. Submitted by: Rocque Beaupre

Easily Max Out Sneak and Athletics

You can easily gain many skill ups for these two skills using a simple exploit. Sneak will increase as long as these conditions are met: There is at least one NPC near you, you remain unseen (the eye icon will be dark) and you are mobile. Meeting these requirements is easy enough. You only have to find a wall or corner close to an NPC that isn't in your direct line of sight.

Find one that doesn't all that much, such as a guard or a goblin in a cave. Once you've found a good spot, enter sneak mode, face the wall or corner, and then activate auto-run. Your character will continue to walk into the wall, and providing you remain hidden, you can sit back and watch your sneak skill rise. NOTE: Turn off any light source (torches, light spells, etc) before you start. And, keep in mind that if your sneak skill is below 50, take off your boots or you will be detected.

Athletics, although not a crucial skill, is even easier to max out. You only have to be walking or running to increase this skill. Simply face a wall (preferably a corner), and activate the auto-run function. Once again you will be "walking" into the wall, but your athletics will increase just as though you were adventuring. This is a great way to ensure that the next time you level up, you get a +5 multiplier in your SPEED attributes! Submitted by: Rocque Beaupre

Finish the Main Quest First

Make sure to beat the storyline first and then come back to side quests and dungeons because (this might be a bit of a spoiler.) In the end, the enemies will be the same level as you. So if your a high level (by doing side quests) all your guards will die because they are a low level and it will be nearly impossible to beat the game. Submitted by: Andrew G.

Become 100% Invisible

First off you need to have completed the Mage quest(s) to gain access to the university and have 5 grand soul gems. Enchant 5 pieces of armor for chameleon. You are now 100% invisible.

Enemies will no longer attack you at all! You can steal right in front of guards. Try it out, and see for yourself. Submitted by: Shawn B.

Is This a Threat?

If you are unsure about whether or not you are under threat by an attacker, quickly enter sneak mode. If the crosshair is bright yellow, start looking around. Submitted by: Mitchell J.

Storing Loot in Bones

One of the most disheartening aspects of Oblivion is parting with valuable loot due to over-encumbrance. You can solve that problem by killing an enemy that falls to pieces, like skeletons or storm atronachs.

Pick up a fragment of your fallen foe's corpse using the 'Z' button. You can store as much loot as you like in the tiny bone or whatever. Just carry the piece with you back to town, where you can sell or store it. Submitted by: Nikolai S.

Seek Cover When Under Fire

When you are heavily under fire in an abandoned tower, run up the flights of stairs to the very top level. On the top level, you will usually find that there is a ledge onto which you can jump to put you out of reach of your enemies. From there you can take the time to heal yourself and prepare for a second attack. This also provides a good vantage point to gauge numbers of enemies who oppose you.

Always keep a keen eye on potential safe locations (high rocks with limited access, wall ruins that rise high, even the tops of buildings can sometimes lend themselves to protection). Submitted by: Matt Kidd

Increasing Alchemy Skills Easily

Alchemy is one of the easiest skills to train. Just duplicate ingredients with the Dupe glitch (listed previously), and get on to making your potions. A lot of them. And you can sell the potions for a lot of money too!

Related quest: On the quest where you have to rescue Hernantier from his Dreamworld, when facing the two Minotaurs in the Test of Resolve, save before you actually enter it. The Ayleid Cask is a random weapon spawner. The Greater Staff of Lightning will always be there, but the other two weapons are random.

Reload until you get the weapon with 80 points, 9 uses of Disintegrate Weapon Enchantment. You can then destroy the hammers the Minotaurs use, and that will take a lot off the range of the attacks. Very useful when playing on higher difficulties. Submitted by: Sander Heikamp

Free Money - Lots of It!

This cheat will net you at least 6,000 gold every week. After you become Grand Champion of the Arena, you have the option of fighting 1, 2, or 3 Minotaur Lords. Normally these guys are pretty hard to beat. But go ahead and choose 3. But instead of running forward when the gate lowers, just back up.

The Minotaurs can't fit their big heads through your hallway. Just stand back and zap them with spells, or run forward to attack then run backward out of their reach. If you start getting beat up, just back up and wait for your magicka to refill, then heal yourself or start zapping them again.

You will receive 3200 gold for the victory and have the ability to pick up the 3 weapons they leave behind (usually ebony war axes, hammers, etc). Submitted by: Jeramiah Smith

Increasing Speechcraft Skill Semi-quickly

Quick and easily raise your speechcraft (Xbox 360 version). Talk to someone and persuade them. Start the circle minigame and just keep rotating the circle and keep pushing the A button. You will gain speechcraft semi-quick doing so and there is no limit how long you can do this. Also, it does not matter what the n.p.c's disposition is. You can just keep doing this and raise your speechcraft all the way up to expert level semi-quickly. Submitted by: Nick Trick

Enemies Don't Like Borders

One of the much-vaunted new features of Oblivion NPCs is that, unlike Morrowind, they can cross zone borders. So attacking someone and running to a different area just doesn't work anymore, right? Wrong.

One thing I figured out is that while aggressive NPCs can cross zone borders, they rarely do so in masses, and sometimes they don't cross at all. I figured this out during the raid on Kvatch - when I entered an area with 6 or so hostile Daedra within striking range of me. I returned to the door directly behind me and was surprised when only one of them followed me through the zone crossing.

After many tests with this method I could never get more than 2, and usually, only one, to follow me. If you're fighting a horde of enemies, this method can make dealing with them MUCH simpler. Submitted by: Dylan Holmes

Free Unique Horse

To get a free horse or rather, a unicorn, go south of the Imperial City across the moat, you'll see on your compass a camp. Go to it then go south some till you see a shrine to Hircine, then go south more to an open field, kill the three Minotaur and there it is a unicorn. Fast and strong, don't attack it or it won't let you ride it again. Counts as your mount even sit outside of cities. Submitted by: Kory Lauver

Well-Fed Mudcrab

On the road, NE from Skingrad to the Imperial City is a cave called Greenmead Cave. Inside is a very well fed Mudcrab. Submitted by: Anthony A.

Dark Brotherhood Horse Tip

While playing through the Dark Brotherhood Quests you are given a horse called Shadowmere by your quest giver. The horse cannot die, but it can become unconscious. While the horse is unconscious you may access its inventory and place your loot that you don't necessarily want to get rid of, thus giving you an immortal traveling container that you can ride. Submitted by: Andrew S.