The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Hints and Tips - Set 2

Tips, Tricks, Glitches and Strategies for Oblivion on PC and Xbox 360

Oblivion Tips and Hints

The following tips and hints have been submitted from various Oblivion players from around the world. Many of them are quite useful and can help you on the PC or Xbox 360 version of the game.

This is the second set of Oblivion hints, see the first set here.

How to Pick a Lock the Best Way!

This is a FAQ of many friends of ours, and a Hint to those that need to know the best way to pick a lock in the world of Oblivion!

Now, picking a lock successfully on your own without using the auto-pick button does not depend on your security skill! It depends on what you know and how fast your fingers are.

Screenshot from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
BenBenW/Wikimedia CC 2.0

To successfully snap a tumbler into place, keep pushing the tumbler up with the lockpick until the tumbler moves upward then down slowly, then back down. After you see that, the next time you push up will be a sure-fire snap into place, if, of course, your fingers are fast enough. Just push it that one last time and click the left mouse button as soon as possible and it will snap into place. This allows you to avoid relying on the sound patterns all the time, which also comes in handy.

One last tip, DO NOT BECOME IMPATIENT! If you are impatient you will break MANY lockpicks on just a 2 or 3 tumbler lock. However, expect to break about 1-3 lockpicks on locks that qualify as average or higher, normally the chests you lockpick have 1 or 2 lockpicks in them anyway, so you are good to go. We hope this helps all you thieves!
Submitted by: Joshua Aldenburg

Let the NPCs Protect You early on

After you finish the Kvatch mission, clearing the city near the beginning of the game Brother Martin follows you. Take him to the city to meet the other priest/monk/blade member. When you arrive you have to fight some Mythic Dawn. After the attack, Brother Martin and another Preist follow you to hide brother Martin in the Blade HQ.

These characters cannot die. Let them follow you around, visit every cave and let them kill the enemies. They will kill anything before you can even swing your sword. This way you can get all the goodies at the beginning of the game.
Submitted by: Michael Miller

Infinite Gold from Dorian

Kill Dorian in the Imperial City after bribing him and making him dislike you. Then bribing more... this may take a couple of minutes.

Now kill him, quietly, too much racket attracts guards. When you go to collect his gold it does not go away - infinite gold!
Submitted by: Johann Fultz

Try to Include Athletics as Major Skill

When selecting major skills, no matter your specialization, always try to include the athletics skill because you will most certainly want to run for a majority of your foot journeys. While mastering this skill doesn't have the greatest benefit to all classes, it provides a skill that can easily be leveled up - so your character will level up faster too.
Submitted by: Mitchell J.

University Tricks

If you can enter the Arcane University (if you have all the recommendations of all guildhalls of the mages guild), buy a Frenzy Spell (anywhere) so that you can upgrade it to a better one while in the university.

Then while in the university, target a Mage Apprentice only to see him attack others and not you. He will certainly die, but don't worry, he will respawn in a matter of days. He will have a nice Dagger attached to him (or it is thrown out of his hands so that you may need to search for it).

However, you will gain no bounty and if you do it by daytime when the apprentices meet together the guards will interfere if you just put the doors open. They won't attack you, and you have a chance to get a very good weapon of disintegrating if the guards get a chance at fighting a scholar. Sell these items and receive a lot of gold for it or use them as weapons.

Oblivion Easter Eggs

  • In Anvil, a woman with a strikingly similar name to one of Morrowind's unique characters (a certain rat lady) has a house full of rats that she loves, quite opposite her cousin.
  • After completing all the Daedra quests, you will be contacted by another Daedra lord. This lord will offer you a quest in order to receive a lexicon granting major skill bonuses
  • St. Jiub (Jiub from MW's prison ship) drove the cliff racers from Morrowind, as heard around Tamriel.
  • Periodically, NPC's will break into ten on ten brawls due to a certain AI bug where attacking a guard is a crime, even if the guard committed the crime.
  • M'aiq the Liar is back, now talking about fishy sticks (forum thing on the official forum), dragons, mounted combat, and many other very funny things. M'aiq runs between cities, so catch him if you see him.
  • In Skingrad, the girl in the alchemy shop asks about the criminal penalty for Necrophilia... not sure why — may be involved in a little-known quest.
  • Glarthiir in Skingrad is actually not so paranoid, contrary to everyone's beliefs.
  • After quest with Dark Brotherhood dealing with Allectus, you can take his finger back once you get the reward (We carry it everywhere).
  • The only unicorn in the game doesn't like people with drawn weapons. (Daedra Lord Hircine's Quest)
  • The young imperial at the party in the DB questline is the son of Frostmoth's East Empire coordinator.

Rare Item LocationsAzura's Star: Quest in Shrine of Azura (level 1 minimum).

  • Umbra's Sword: Fort East of Imperial City, on Umbra.
  • The staff of Worms (Necromancer's Staff): Arch Mage reward.
  • Bloodworm Helm: Dissent in the Council Quests for mages guild.
  • Necromancer's Amulet: Same mage quest as above.
  • Curaiss of the Saviour's Hide: Molag Bal's Quest (We think).

The above listed Easter eggs and rare item locations submitted by Lord Nekulor Dyrr

Use the Gray Fox' Cowl of Nocturnal without being Arrested

(This only applies to those that have completed the Thieves guild quest line)

Once you have completed the Thieves guild quest line you will receive the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal which gives you really sweet powers.

These powers include: life detection for 120 feet, feathering your inventory by 200 or allowing you to carry 200 more units of items, add 25 points to your sneak score, give you another identity to which you can complete quests for, allowing you to use another identity to murder people in plain daylight or commit any crime and then take it off and only the Gray Fox will have the bounty, not you, and lead the Thieves guild.

Sounds pretty good right - but the one bad thing about this cowl is that it automatically gives you a 500 gold bounty making the guards chase after you wherever you go in a town.

To gain the powers of the Gray Fox and use his Cowl of Nocturnal in the cities without being arrested by the guards - and to gain the power of invisibility to hide from monsters and attacks without losing the full effect. There are several steps to do this, listed below.

  1. Join the Mages Guild in any major city.
  2. Go to each Mages' guildhall in each of the major cities and complete the tasks they have assigned to you.
  3. Once you have completed recommendations for the cities of Bruma, Cheydinhal, Skingrad, Anvil, Leyawin, and Bravil you will gain access to the Arcane University in the Imperial City.
  4. Proceed to the Arcane University in the Imperial City.
  5. Within the Arcane University find the building called the Praxographical Center.
  6. Head to one of the Spell making stands (you must know a life-detection spell) choose the effect of light and choose the lowest magical use and money cost available for making the spell and create it.
  7. Equip the low magicka use spell and change the input setting on your television so you can watch TV while doing this. ( if you're using a computer you are going to get really bored.)
  8. Keep clicking down on the right bumper or spell casting key multiple times for about half an hour.
  9. Change the input setting back to your game and observe your illusion level go up. When your illusion skill level is at least 50 you can proceed with the next step.
  10. You will now be able to cast Journeyman level spells and use Journeyman level affects like Chameleon.
  11. Buy a spell from one of the Mages' guild halls that have an effect of a chameleon and with your raised illusion level you will be able to cast it.
  12. Acquire 5 grand soul gems with a grand soul level from the Mystic Emporium in the Market District of the Imperial City.
  13. Go to any armor shop in the many cities and gain 5 pieces of armor that are light armor which will include a ring, fur gauntlets, a fur cuirass, fur boots, and light armor greaves. (no helmets or heavy armor)
  14. Go to the Arcane University and proceed to the Chrinousium building.
  15. Head to an altar of enchanting and use each grand soul gem and one of the pieces of armor you acquired. Choose the effect of a chameleon, if you don’t have this effect either check your illusion level and make sure it's 50 or make sure you have bought a spell with a chameleon as an effect.
  16. Enchant each item with a chameleon effect which should give each item an effect of 20% chameleon.
  17. Repeat for all items until all 5 items have enchanted.
  18. Put on all pieces of armor and congratulations! You are now totally invisible and able to bypass people, guards, and monsters.
  19. If you have the Grey Cowl of Nocturnal put it on and wear it proudly as no guards will chase you and if you attack people while invisible they will not attack back or they will simply run away.

The above Oblivion cheat was submitted by John Bugnacki.

Oblivion Survival Guide

Want to know the top ten general gameplay tips to get you through Oblivion, take a look at the Oblivion Survival Guide.
Submitted by: Jared Duncan

Spellcasting Trick for Super High Jumps

Here is a spellcasting trick to make super high jumps and such. You can see the world map from a bird's eye view, and that's just plain fun.

Spell #1

  • Weakness to Fire %3 for 1 sec on self
  • Weakness to Magika %100 for 1 sec on self
  • Fortify Acrobatics 25 pts for 20 sec on self
  • Fortify Magika 25 pts for 20 sec on self

Spell #2:

  • Weakness to Fire %3 for 1 sec on self
  • Weakness to Magika %100 for 1 sec on self
  • Fortify Acrobatics 50 pts for 10 sec on self
  • Fortify Magika 50 pts for 10 sec on self

Cast these 2 spells on and off, you may need a few potions to get through the first part to restore Magika after a while, however, your Magika will be very very high. Cast about 30 or so times, your Acrobatics skill will be around 150k+, Jump.. have fun.

You can do this with ANY skill, and still have different effects, however, when tested with speed, you end up running over city walls and the game never renders the outside graphics, it's fun to run around, but eventually freezes the game.
Save first — The fall may easily kill you unless you cast the spells on the way down as well.

Submitted by: David Cain

Increasing Speechcraft with High Fame

Let's say you finish the main quest in Oblivion. Everyone you meet is going to be 100% disposition or close to it. Yet you want to level up to that ultra uber L40+ (we finished the game at L39).

To increase speechcraft when your fame is so high everyone likes you, simply find a merchant with an expert mercantile skill (chorrol weapons dealer) set your haggle to 100% and she will refuse nearly every time. (or try to sell a stack of items for more than the merchant can afford anywhere else).

This drives down their disposition, giving you a chance to butter them up all over again. It can be done repeatedly so long as their disposition is lower than your skill/personality max and you haven't tried speechcraft on them too many 'times' during that 'day'.
Submitted by: Nathaniel McIntyre

Arrested? No Problem!

When you are about to get arrested, go to your inventory and drop all stolen goods. Then you get to go back afterward and get them.
Submitted by: Logan Jarrell

Boots of Springheel Jak Trick

First, you must have completed the Thieves Guild quests without destroying the Boots of Springheel Jak. In order to do that you must simply survive a small fall near the end of the last quest with the boots unequipped.

After that go to the Shrine of Sanguine and get the quest there. Follow what the quest tells you to do and when you cast the spell, guards will try and arrest you. Get arrested. (Don't worry, all your equipment is in a chest at the Shrine of Sanguine, so you shouldn't lose anything.)

After you serve your time, you should have the Boots of Springheel Jak in your inventory. If you try to equip them, it will say "You can not equip this enchanted item at this time." But if you check your Active Effects page under Fortify Acrobatics, it should say that you still have the boost from the boots. You can also feel free to equip any other boots as well.
Submitted by: Stephen Collum, Gary Walsh

Need Arrows?

When you are in the Arena Bloodworks usually the Blue Team Gladiator is shooting arrows at the training target. So if you stand by the side of the training target you can collect all of his arrows (iron). After half an hour standing there, I got 20k arrows! It is well good if you are an archer.
Submitted by: Connor B.

Mr. Invisible 360

First, accumulate as many "chameleon" Sigil Stones or Enchanted items as possible. Some very good ones are the Chrystaline Cuirass and the Grand Ring of Chameleon. Their total percent effect can be found on the constant effects tab under Magic. Wear the necessary amount to bring your total up to or above 100.

Now you can complete any quest without being seen, take any action without sneaking, and never get a bounty (except for assaulting guards). You can walk right up to Daedra and beat them to death as slowly as you like. This cheat is exceptional for boosting your stats in any skill fairly quickly. Also good for taking on high-level bosses or thieving.

For this cheat to be effective, do not complete the main quest. Tested on Xbox 360.
Submitted by: Clark C.

Fortify Security for Lock-picking

When you finish the Mage Guild Initiation and can visit the University make a spell that fortifies your security skill. Even if it increases the skill by 100 points it will still cost under 50 mana (not sure about the exact number). The spell has to only last for 1 second as the game pauses when you are in the lock pick menu.

So you end up casting a 50 mana spell to have a security of 100... and none of the tumblers fall when you break a pick.
Submitted by: AS.Legion

Get in Close and Use a Fast Blade

As an Assasin there are some obvious tactics, use poison, get good at Alchemy, and find those shadows.

My tip is to use the fastest blade you can find when getting in close. The damage of 2 fast critical hits far outweighs the damage increase a bigger weapon gives.

For example a Dagger with 8 damage and a Longsword with 12 damage.
Dagger at 6x twice = 32 damage
Longsword 6x once = 24 damage

Not to mention if you actually poison both hits.
Submitted by: Rich S.

Invisibility Method - Chameleon 100%

This cheat was discovered with a PC, as PC is the platform for which Oblivion was designed.

The first step is to acquire a significant amount of cash (about 10000 gold, I believe). I recommend selling high-quality equipment such as Daedric items for this purpose.

Next, visit Red Diamond Jewelry in the Market District of the Imperial City. Buy the Spectre Ring (note: at times, for some reason, the ring may be unavailable. I believe that in my case an NPC stole it from the shop.

Now go to the Arcane University (you need to have completed the Recommendation quests.) Bring along two Soul Gems containing Grand-level souls (ie from a Lich, Xivilai, or other high-level creature.) Enchant an Amulet or Necklace with 20% Chameleon. Enchant another item with Chameleon, but not a Ring or Amulet. You will need the space for the Amulet you have made and for another Ring, you will need. I recommend using Shoes or Headgear for the second item.

If you equip your items (the Spectre Ring and the two Chameleon items), you should have a nice 65% constant effect Chameleon. But I'm not stopping there.

Once you have reached level 17 or higher, go to Meridia's Shrine (west of Skingrad). Bring some Bonemeal OR Ectoplasm. Do the quest. You will receive the Ring of Khajiiti. Equip it. Your Chameleon is now 100%, which will function as Invisibility that never goes away until you unequip the items.

This should prevent most enemies from EVER hitting you.
Submitted by: Hircine C.

Bound Those Boots for Acrobatics

After you receive the Boots of Springheel Jack from one of the later Thieves Guild missions. Wear the shoes and use a spell to bound your boots. You will permanently gain 50 points for your Acrobatics skill.
Submitted by: Nawaf A.

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