'The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion' — Curing Vampirism with a PC Console

Use this guide to cure vampirism in the PC version of "Oblivion"

The Elder Scrolls IV screenshot
role playing/Flikr/CC BY 2.0

“The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” is an enormous sprawling game that contains a few surprises for players. For example, you may be playing along and discover you are turning into a vampire. Vampirism is a condition — much like a disease — that you might contract as you play the game. You become infected, or contract "porphyric hemophilia" in the parlance of this underworldly virtual game, while battling vampires and letting them hit you.

You can also contract vampirism intentionally if you take the Dark Brotherhood quest and request to become a vampire. Being a vampire has many benefits, as well as potential drawbacks, for some gamers. While vampires have some really cool abilities, they have to do all of their travel at night, a requirement many gamers don't like.

If you want to rid yourself of the condition you may be able to do it with a potion. Use the additem code to add a potion to your inventory, drink it, and be cured. This doesn't always work, but when it doesn't, you can use a set of console commands to remove the effects of vampirism completely.

Drink the Potion

Enter the following command into the cheat console:

player.additem 977E4 1

Look in your inventory for the new potion, drink it, and your vampire days are over.

Use Console Commands to Remove Vampirism

Sometimes glitches in the game prevent the potion from removing vampirism. If drinking the potion does not cure your vampirism, use this set of commands to remove vampirism.

set pcvampire to -1
player.setfactionrank playervampirefaction -1
player.removespell vampirism100
player.removespell vampirism75
player.removespell vampirism50
player.removespell vampirism25
player.removespell vampirism100att
player.removespell vampirism75att
player.removespell vampirism50att
player.removespell vampirism25att
player.removespell vampirism100skills
player.removespell vampirism75skills
player.removespell vampirism50skills
player.removespell vampirism25skills
player.removespell vampirehunterssight
player.removespell vampireembraceofshadows
player.removespell vampirereignofterror
player.removespell vampireseduction

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