Cure Vampirism With the PC Console in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Use the cheat console to instantly cure vampirism in Oblivion for PC

The Elder Scrolls IV title screen

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In The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, vampirism is a condition that must be cured with a potion. Use the player.additem cheat in Oblivion for PC to add the potion to your inventory or use the command console to instantly remove the effects of vampirism.

Information in this article pertains exclusively to the PC version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

How to Cure Vampirism With a Potion

To add the potion that cures vampirism to your inventory, press the tilde key (~) while playing to open the cheat console. Then, type the following, and press Enter:

player.additem 977E4 1

Use the player.additem cheat to get any item in the game if you know its ID code.

How to Use Console Commands to Remove Vampirism

It's also possible to cure vampirism by entering the following sets of commands into the cheat console:

Set vampire.hasdisease to -1
Set PCVampire to -1
player.setfactionrank A319 -1
player.removespell 2C2A5
player.removespell 2C2A4
player.removespell 2C2A2
player.removespell 3DB3A
player.removespell 2C2B0
player.removespell 2C2AD
player.removespell 2C2AA
player.removespell 2C2A8
player.removespell 2C2B1
player.removespell 2C2AE
player.removespell 2C2AB
player.removespell 2C2A7
player.removespell 3BEDA
player.removespell 3BEDB
player.removespell 3BEDC
player.removespell 3BED9
player.setav Vampirism 0

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