Eero Launches New Router to Capitalize on Wi-Fi 6E Network

Currently available for purchase

Amazon-owned Eero has released two new mesh routers: the Eero 6+ and the Eero Pro 6E, the latter of which is the company's first foray into the Wi-Fi 6E standard.

The Pro 6E can offer speeds up to 2.3 Gbps, plus access to the 6 GHz band for up to 100 devices simultaneously, Eero revealed. The 6+, on the other hand, offers speeds up to one gigabit and coverage for over 75 devices on the Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Two eero Pro 6E routers


Released in 2019, Wi-Fi 6 is the latest wireless standard offering faster speeds, more reliable connections, and improved security over the older versions. The 6E standard takes it a step further by transmitting on the 6 GHz band.

On the 6 GHz band, the Pro 6E can offer a larger bandwidth for devices to reduce congestion. It supports up to 2.3 Gbps across a wired and wireless connection, and where one router can cover up to 2,000 square feet, a set of three can cover up to 6,000. For comparison, the 6+ has two 1.0 GbE ports for a wired connection and can cover a maximum area of 4,500 square feet across three devices.

Watching TV with Eero Pro 6E


You can purchase a single Pro 6E router for $299 or up to three for $699. The more affordable 6+ will run you $139 for one and up to $299 for three. Both routers share similar features like backward compatibly with older Eero models and the ability to stream in 4K resolution.

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