Editors' Choice: The Best Mother's Day Tech Gifts for Your Mom

Mom's deserve more than just kitchen appliances.

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Collage with several tech gifts for Mother's Day


Moms deserve great tech gifts like anyone else, and we're here to make sure you see the best of the bunch. Our Editors try out various gear and pick their favorites for moms of all kinds. Here, then, are our favorite tech gifts to give to your own mom, or yourself, if you are a mom!

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro on a dark wood desk near nails polished pink to match

Lifewire / SE Slack

I’m a mom of four, and I’ve been using these earbuds for quite a while now; I upgraded from the earlier Buds Pro version. Both versions are great, but I love the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro because they really are easier to handle due to their rubberized coating, and the controls are a little easier to use. Different taps quickly let me pause, play, or skip songs and control phone calls. 

A couple of bonuses: People I’ve spoken to on calls can’t tell that I’m using earbuds at all, and the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro support Direct Multi-Channel, 5.1, 7.1-channel, or Dolby Atmos content, so if I connect them to a laptop for a bit of movie watching while waiting on a kid somewhere, I don’t miss out on anything. 

The associated app is pretty simple to use, and I also love that these instantly connect to my car’s Bluetooth when I drop them back into their case. (I typically use these for nearly a week on a single case charge.) If your mom is one who is constantly on the go, she’ll love the comfort and ease of use these earbuds provide as much as I do. -S.E. Slack, Senior Strategy & Editorial Director

De'Longhi BCO 430 Combination Cappuccino and Espresso Machine

De'Longhi BCO 430 Combination Cappuccino and Espresso Machine

Lifewire / Tim Fisher

Nothing says Good Morning like the ability to choose between coffee, cappuccino, or espresso brewed just the way you like it. Now picture the De'Longhi Cappuccino and Espresso Machine and Drip Coffee Maker in your kitchen, plugged in, programmed, and set to deliver aromas and beverages that will make any mother feel special this Mother's Day! -Tim Fisher, Senior Vice President & Group General Manager

Level Lock+

Level Lock + with opening Apple Watch

Lifewire / Jerri Ledford

Locking and unlocking the door when your hands are full is a pain—and Mom’s hands are always full! This lock was super easy to install and works with iPhone and Apple Watch. I love that I can set it to lock and unlock automatically under certain conditions, and the best part is being able to give my kids, the housekeeper, or the pet sitter their own access codes for the house (with the optional keypad) and I don’t ever have to worry about keys that are easily lost. -Jerri Ledford, Senior News Editor, Fact Checker

Keychron M1 Mouse

Keychron M1 Mouse on a black desk near a keyboard


While it’s touted as a gaming mouse, anyone can use it for any purpose. And thanks to its lighter weight, there’s much less of a chance of fatigue while using it. -Bob Schulties, Senior Editor

XGMI Horizon Pro Projector

XGMI Horizon Pro projector lit up and with remote on top

Lifewire / Rob LeFebvre

Self-care is important for everyone, and especially moms! When they're finished taking care of everyone and everything, help them relax with this amazingly bright 4K projector that can throw up to 120 inches on the wall. Better yet, it's got a built-in Harmon Kardon speaker to help her create her own private cinema.

We've been watching our favorite shows on this projector for weeks now, and it's a fantastic device. It's bright, even on sunny days, and fills up our entire wall in front of the couch at a bigger screen size than our actual HDTV. The sound is delightful, the remote is super useful and works from in front of or behind the projector.

We were able to attach the Horizon Pro to a standard tripod mount with ease, and the auto-keystone feature makes putting the projector anywhere in the room a breeze. It runs Android TV, too, so all our streaming services are there natively—no need for an external box or dongle, though it would be easy to add a Fire Stick or Google Chrome, too. -Rob LeFebvre, Editorial Director, News

LG’s Smart InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice Maker

LG Fridge Instaview in a kitchen

Lifewire / SE Slack

Wanna go really big on Mom’s gift this year? Get her my new favorite kitchen appliance, LG’s Smart Wi-Fi Enabled InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice Maker. I adore this fridge for three key reasons: First, it has a middle drawer that can convert between freezer and fridge modes. I use it primarily for snacks and lunch items for the kids but, when needed, I can switch gears and turn it into extra freezer space during holidays or other events. 

Second, the InstaView door-in-door option lights up with a quick double knock to show my kids what they can grab without ever opening the door itself. I keep beverages, fruits, and other snacks in there so they can grab and go. It’s also really easy for me to see when it needs restocking. 

Third, the LG ThinQ app alerts you to problems and lets you adjust settings as needed from your phone. This particular fridge has a craft ice maker, which produces giant ice balls as a fun bonus. It’s a splurge, yes, but even this penny-pinching mom can admit it’s been worth every cent. -S.E. Slack, Senior Strategy & Editorial Director

Tom Bihn Cubelet

Orange Tom Bihn Cubelet on a wood-grain desk next to sunglasses, a plant, and a backpack

Tom Bihn

Help Mom keep her cords and chargers organized with a bag that is just the right size. -Bob Schulties, Senior Editor

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer next to an air plant on a mantle

Lifewire / Tim Fisher

Whether it’s for the health of your houseplants, your family, or simply your overall household, the ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer allows you to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity in your home so you can maintain the healthy environment you want. There’s even an air comfort indicator with readings like DRY, COMFORT, and WET. Plus, the ThermoPro comes with a magnetic back and tabletop stand, so it works wherever you need it most. -Tim Fisher, Senior Vice President & Group General Manager

Cherry UM 3.0 Microphone

Cherry UM 3.0 Microphone on a table in front of a bookshelf

Lifewire / Jerri Ledford

The simplicity of the Cherry UM 3.0 USB mic is part of what makes this a great piece of equipment, and if Mom has to deal with conference calls, create podcasts, or record audio of any kind, she's going to love this. It's easy to operate with a one-touch button on the top of the mic to mute or unmute it and a wheel on the back that manages your speaker/headset volume. The mic also dims background sounds, doesn't easily pick up pops and cracks when you're not using a windscreen, and records with great clarity. Your mom will love how easy this is to plug in and start using. -Jerri Ledford, Senior News Editor, Fact Checker

Solis Wireless Hotspot and Wireless Charger

Solis Wireless Wi-Fi and Battery Charger

Lifewire / Rob LeFebvre

Moms are on the go a lot these days, and they need Wi-Fi and wireless charging as much as the next person. This Solis Wireless Hotspot and Charger does both and does it well.

I took this cute little orange gadget around with me here in Vancouver and Portland to see how it held up, and it really helped keep me connected and powered up on the go. It's an easy setup, too, and super simple to just toss in my little EDC bag when I head out for adventures.

It holds a good amount of juice and kept my iPhone 11 Pro with plenty of battery charging to go all day. The Wi-Fi it provides was fast and easy to use, too, and let me save my iPhone hotspot from draining my battery as usual. -Rob LeFebvre, Editorial Director, News

OnePlus 11 and Buds Pro 2

OnePlus 11 and Nord Buds 2

Lifewire / Rob LeFebvre

If your mom is looking for an affordable Android phone that feels like a flagship, get her the OnePlus 11 and Nord Buds 2 in matching colors.

The buds sound fantastic, with spatial audio, adaptive noise cancellation, and some fantastic bass boost. The company promises 39 hours of use, and they definitely lasted all day long when I wore them to take work calls during the day and Discord sessions in the evening.

The OnePlus 11 is responsive, feels powerful, and does all the things you expect from a high-end smartphone. The camera takes amazing photos, and the handset just feels solid and luxurious.

If that sounds great, get your mom one of these today! -Evan Killham, Research Coordinator/Developmental Editor

Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Flare 2 speaker.

Lifewire / Jason Schneider

Does Mom like to sing in the shower? Help her out with a waterproof speaker that can accompany her every morning. The Anker Soundcore Flare 2 Bluetooth speaker sounds great even in an echo-filled space like a tiled bathroom, and it can even give you a light show while you bathe. It's a great way to wake up and spare yourself from harsh bathroom lighting. -Molly McLaughlin, Senior Editor

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