How to Edit Your Facebook Profile

Basics tips and instructions for changing your Facebook profile

While Facebook updates its site design and layout quite often, user profiles remain fairly easy to edit.

Profile pages have a lot of components. Each one consists of some banner links, including About, Photos, Timeline, Friends, and more. Below the banner, a basic user profile features additional sections detailing basic information about the user (Intro), Photos they've shared (Photos), Friends they've connected with (Friends), and some of their most recent posts (Posts). The Timeline arranges all of your posts and the posts you've been tagged in by date.

Finding Your Facebook Profile

You can access your Facebook profile page by selecting your name or profile icon in the upper-right corner, the small badge with your profile photo,

Understanding the Facebook Profile and Timeline Layout

Facebook profile

If you click on your own profile photo from anywhere in Facebook, you land on the page that's often called your Timeline. (Many years ago it was your "Wall.")

You can change the information on this page at any time by selecting Edit Profile from the banner menu,

The profile page encompasses both your Timeline and Intro sections. The one on the right is your activity Timeline, displaying all of the Facebook activity created by or featuring you. The column on the left is your Intro area, detailing some basic biographical information about you, including where you live and where you work. You can edit how much of this information to display or share with the Edit Profile tool.

Facebook Edit Profile

Tabs for Timeline, About

You'll notice four tabs below your profile picture. The first two are called Timeline and About. You can edit either your Timeline or About information by clicking on those tabs to go to the Timeline or About pages.

Editing your Facebook "About" Page

On your Facebook profile page, select About from the banner menu below your cover photo to see and edit your personal information. The About area encompasses not just your biographical details, but also any contact information, relationships, and other data you'd like to share. Select the three dot icon next to any bit of information to edit or remove it.

Facebook About edit

Sections for Work, Music, Movies, Likes & More

By default, the About page is divided into two columns. The left column contains tabs for each category of information about yourself. When you select one, the right side fills with that info and allows you to change or add to it. The names of each category provide a good idea of which information each covers.

  • Overview includes the basic information shared on your main profile page, such as where you live and where you're from.
  • Work and Education covers your education, going back to high school, and any places where you've worked. People can use the places that you enter to connect with you.
  • Contact and Basic Info includes most of the general information about yourself under. Here, you can enter email addresses, social media links, phone numbers, and personal information about yourself, like your birth date. Be careful when sharing the information in this section. You control who has access to each entry by selecting Friends and then choosing Public, Friends, Only me, or Custom.
Facebook Privacy Info

The last three sections allow you to connect with any family members or romantic partners you may have on Facebook (Family and Relationships). You can also enter other details about yourself, such as past names, favorite quotes, or nicknames (Details About You); and add any major events in your life (Life Events).

The rest of the page is divided into rows for your photos, friends, check-ins, music, groups, and a variety of other likes. Each of these can be further edited by selecting the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of each section.

Visit our Facebook Cover Photo guide to learn more about managing your cover photo at the top of the page.

Changing the Order of Facebook Profile Sections

To delete, add, or rearrange any or all of the About sections, select More from the banner menu on your profile page. Another menu will drop down, then select Manage Sections.

A new window will pop open in the center of your screen. Check or uncheck the sections to show or hide them. Those that are grayed out mean you are not able to modify them. When you're done, select Save.

The Facebook Help Center offers additional instructions on how to manage your personal information on the network.

Facebook Manage Sections