How to Edit Multiple Photos at Once on an iPhone

Use the same editing settings to get more done more quickly

What to Know

  • Photos > tap photo > Edit > make edits > Done > ... > Copy Edits > Select > tap other photos to edit > ... > Paste Edits.
  • Videos can also be bulk edited by following the same steps.
  • The bulk-editing feature requires iOS 16 or higher.

A new feature in iOS 16 lets you edit multiple photos at the same time. Basically, you take the edits from one photo and use the same settings on multiple photos. Here's how it works.

How to Mass Edit Photos on an iPhone

There are two important things to understand about the batch-editing feature:

  • It requires iOS 16 or higher. If you're not running that version of the OS, the feature isn't available.
  • It takes the set of edits—all of the tweaks and settings—you make to one photo and treats it as a group of changes the system can copy+paste onto other photos. So, you need at least two photos you want to make the same edits to (the original that you make the edits to and a second that the group of edits is pasted onto).

With those criteria met, follow these steps to mass edit photos on an iPhone:

  1. In the Photos app, find and open the first photo you want to edit.

  2. Tap Edit and apply whatever edits you want to make.

  3. When you're done making edits, tap Done.

    Photo editing in iOS
  4. Tap ... in the top-right corner.

  5. Tap Copy Edits. This copies every setting you applied to the photo and gets its ready to apply to another other photos you select.

  6. Tap the back arrow to return to your album view.

    The Copy Edits command in iOS
  7. Tap Select and then select all the photos you want to apply the edit settings from Step 2.

    While you need to select at least one photo, there's no real limit on the number of photos you can select.

  8. Tap ... in the bottom-right corner.

  9. Tap Paste Edits. This applies the edit settings to every selected photo.

    Don't like the edits you made? Select one or more edited photos, tap ... and then tap Revert to Original.

  10. A message pops up to let you know the edits have been applied to the selected photos.

    The Paste Edits command in iOS Photos

You can also bulk-edit videos using the Photos app. All of the steps are the same, except you need to select items in the Videos folder in Photos.

  • How do I edit Live Photos on an iPhone?

    You can edit Live Photos like any other image or video. Open it in Photos, and then select Edit in the upper-right corner to adjust the colors. You can also switch between the standard Live playback or a Bounce, which plays the short video forward, and then backward.

  • How do I edit dark photos on iPhone?

    The best option for low-light photography on an Apple device is the Night Mode feature on iPhone 11 and later. If your phone is older than that, you should use the regular editing mode and increase the Exposure setting.

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