Edit a Message Template in Mozilla or Netscape

Modify it in just a few steps

Laptop with email illustration
Changing Email Templates. Atomic Imagery / Getty Images

Message templates are extremely useful for canned emails, but even templates can change. Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape, and Mozilla use the Templates folder to store message templates, and there seems to be no way to edit existing templates.

Indeed, there is no way to modify an existing message template directly in Netscape. Here's how to do it indirectly:

  • Open the Templates folder in Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape or Mozilla.
  • Double-click on the template you want to modify.
    • This creates a new message using the template.
  • Modify the message.
  • Save it as a new template via File | Save As | Template.

If you want to replace the old template with the new one, you have to delete the old message template from the Templates folder after saving the new template.