How to Continue a Draft in Outlook Mail on the Web

Finish writing emails that you started and saved to do at a later time

When you start an email but don't finish it, the message is stored in the Drafts folder of your mail account. When you're ready to finish writing the message and want to send it, go to the Drafts folder and open the message.

Continue Editing a Message Draft in Outlook Mail on the Web

Here's how to recover a draft and finish your message in Outlook Mail on the Web.

  1. Open the Drafts folder in Outlook Mail on the web.

    If you don't see folders under Folders, select the arrow in front of Folders in Outlook Mail on the web's left navigation bar.

  2. Select the message you want to continue composing.

  3. If the message does not open for editing automatically, select Continue editing (✏️) in the draft message's header area.

    Drafts folder
  4. Edit the message draft as needed and select Send.

Save an Email as a Draft in Outlook Mail on the Web

If you don't want to send the message, save the edited message as a new draft to overwrite the previous one in the Drafts folder. You can also save any email you are composing in the Drafts folder.

  1. In a New Message window, select More Commands (⋯).

    Save Draft
  2. Select Save Draft.

Remove an Email Draft from the Outlook Mail on the Web Drafts Folder

To quickly delete an unneeded draft from Outlook Mail on the web:

  1. Open the Drafts folder.

  2. Hover over the draft you wish to delete.

    Delete button in Drafts
  3. Select Delete. Or open the message, select Discard, then select OK.

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