How to Edit a Location in Google Maps

Edit a map location, add a missing location, or move a misplaced marker

This article explains how to suggest edits for Google Maps locations from both a desktop web browser and from a mobile device.

How to Edit a Google Maps Location

Google Maps uses detailed maps and stitched-together satellite imagery to display houses, streets, and landmarks. Usually, this framework works well, but occasionally a structure may be in the wrong location or missing entirely, or an address may be listed incorrectly.

Google lets users submit edits to Google Maps. All edits were once submitted through what was called the Map Maker tool, but now you do it directly through Google Maps. Google staff reviews your suggested changes before they take effect.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open Google Maps in a browser or the mobile app.

    Google Maps open in a web browser
  2. Search for the place you want to report by typing an address in the search field or by selecting the location on the map.

    Google Maps in a web browser with the search field highlighted
  3. Select Suggest an edit under the place's description in the navigation panel.

    Google Maps location with Suggest an Edit highlighted
  4. In the Suggest an edit box, select one of two options for editing the location: Change name or other details or Close or remove.

    Google Maps "Suggest an Edit" box with options highlighted
  5. Select Change name or other details to edit the location name, category, street address, map location, hours, phone number, and website URL.

    Change details screen in Google Maps
    • To change the name, category, or street address, click the existing information and overtype it.
    • To change the location on the map, click the map section, and in the screen that opens, move the map until it's positioned correctly. Select Done.
    • Change the hours by clicking the arrow in the Hours section. Add a close-up photo that clearly shows the hours for Google to scan, or select individual days and change the hours. Select Done to save the changes.
    • Enter or change a website's URL by typing over the contents of the Website section.
  6. When you've made all of your edits, select Send.

  7. Select Close or remove in the Suggest an edit window to report a business or location that no longer exists. Then, select a reason for your suggested edit, such as Temporarily Closed, Doesn't Exist Here, or Moved to Another Location.

    Google Maps suggested edit box with reasons for edit highlighted
  8. After you select a reason, you're presented with a summary of your edit along with the opportunity to upload photos to support your claim. Select Submit when finished.

    Google Maps edit window with Submit highlighted

Add a Missing Location

To report a location that's missing entirely from Google Maps, use the Add a missing place option.

  1. With Google Maps open, go to the location that should have a new place added.

  2. Right-click or tap-and-hold where the new place should go, then choose Add a missing place.

    Google Maps location with Add a Missing Place highlighted
  3. Fill out the details for the new location, such as the name, address, and category. You can optionally add other relevant information, such as a phone number, website URL, and business hours. Select Send when finished.

    Google Add Location box with details and Send highlighted
  4. The Google Maps staff will review your new place and add it to the map.

Add Photos and Reviews on Google Maps

To add your own photos for a location on Google Maps, select a place and go to the Photos section, then select Add a photo.

Google Maps location with Add a Photo highlighted

To add a review of a location, go to the Reviews section and select Write a review, or choose a star rating in the app to leave a review.

Google Maps location with Write a Review highlighted

Add Roads to Google Maps

If you notice a road that's not on Google Maps, you can add it. Here's how:

  1. In the search box, select Menu (three lines).

    Google Maps with Menu icon highlighted
  2. Select Edit the map.

    Google Maps Menu with Edit the Map highlighted
  3. Select Missing road, then follow the prompts. Google confirms any information you contribute before it becomes visible to everyone.

    Google Maps Edit Map menu with Missing Road highlighted

    In the app, tap Contribute > Edit Map > Add or fix a road.

Map Maker Discontinued 

Until Spring 2017, Google used Map Maker, a crowdsourced map-editing tool, for edits to locations instead of reporting necessary changes directly in Google Maps. When Map Maker was retired due to spam attacks and obscene changes, editing features became available in Google Maps as part of the Local Guides program for the following purposes:

  • Add a location.
  • Edit information about a location.
  • Move a location marker on the map.
  • Add a label.

All edits to Google Maps are reviewed manually to avoid a repeat of Map Maker's spam problems, causing a substantial backlog in suggested edits.

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