How to Edit the HTML Source of a Yahoo! Mail Email

Unfortunately, the functionality described below is not currently available at Yahoo! Mail.

If you use Yahoo! Mail with Internet Explorer on Windows, you can make easy use of rich formatting like bold face, custom fonts or graphical smileys. But even if you do, not all of HTML's richness is available, and even if you don't, you can use HTML formatting in Yahoo! Mail. How so?

Yahoo! Mail lets you enter HTML code in your emails directly.

If you know (at least some basic) HTML coding, this is a nice and very flexible way to customize and enrich your emails.

Edit the HTML Source of a Yahoo! Mail Email You are Composing

To edit the HTML source of a Yahoo! Mail email you are composing:

  • Make sure View HTML Source is checked.
    • If View HTML Source is not available — it is only when the rich text editor is active —, make sure Allow HTML tags is checked instead.