How to Edit a Recipient's Email Address (or Name) in Gmail

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Who has only one email address? Not the people, it seems, in your Gmail address book, and not the people in the recipient lines of the emails you write.

Are you worried that Gmail might select the wrong address, at least sometimes? You can find out, of course, to which address a message will go exactly from Gmail with a glance; you can also edit the addresses in the To:, Cc: and Bcc: fields directly, then, to ensure faultless delivery. If you like, you can also edit the recipient's name—for just this email perhaps.

Edit a Recipient's Email Address (or Name) While Composing a Message in Gmail

To change or edit the email address for a recipient in the To:, Cc: and Bcc: fields while you write a new email or reply in Gmail (instead of removing the recipient altogether and re-add them with the correct address):

  • Double-click the recipient whose address (or name) you want to edit.
    • Click in the recipients' header area first to make recipients visible and editable if you are editing the subject or body.
  • Make any changes to the recipient's name and address.
    • Do maintain the format "Name".
  • Hit Enter.

If you suspect you clicked with a wrong address present, you may be able to un-send in Gmail—if you are quick.

(Updated September 2014)