How to Edit a Recipient's Email Address or Name in Gmail

Tweak a recipient's info right from the Compose screen

person typing email on laptop
skynesher / E+ / Getty

Given that most people have multiple email addresses nowadays — one for work and another for personal use, for example — Gmail likely has stored more than one for many of your contacts. As a result, Gmail might auto-populate the To, CC, or BCC field with the wrong entry as you begin to enter the name of your email recipient. However, Gmail makes editing this info quite easy right from the New Message window.

To change or edit the email address for a recipient when you write a new email or reply, you don't have to remove the recipient altogether or type it manually. Instead:

  1. Double-click the recipient whose address or name you want to edit.

    Gmail New Message window
  2. Make the desired changes to the recipient's name or address. As you enter a few letters in the To, CC, or BCC field, Gmail will present matching choices in a drop-down menu. Either select the appropriate address from the menu or continue entering the address manually.

    Gmail New Message window with dropdown To menu
  3. Select Enter.

If you suspect you clicked Enter with a wrong address, you may be able to unsend in Gmail if you act quickly.