Review: Edifier Prisma E3350 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker

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With the advent of computers, laptops, MP3 players and even smartphones, the market for plug-and-play speakers has seen its own boom through the years. So much so that picking from the myriad choices available these days can be a bit of a challenge. For some manufacturers, standing out from the pack often means going for a different design. At least that’s what Edifier did with its E3350 Prisma line, which comes with a subwoofer that sports one of the more intriguing looks you’ll see out there. But does its performance stack up? Well, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Unlike speaker docks such as the iHome iD50, The E3350 is a dedicated speaker system that comes with two 9-watt satellite speakers plus a 30-watt subwoofer. On the bottom side of the subwoofer is a dial for adjusting bass levels, as well as sockets for the power adapter, the satellite speakers, and headphone jack cable. There’s also a socket for connecting the included multi-function wired controller dial. Rounding out its list of features is the Prisma’s Bluetooth capability, which allows folks with compatible devices to transmit music to the speaker wirelessly.

In terms of looks, the Prisma definitely attracts attention. That’s mostly due to its subwoofer, which trades the typical boxed look of speaker systems such as the Hercules XPS, for example, with a more modern-looking pyramid-style shape. Design-wise, it actually looks nice despite the exterior being made primarily of plastic. The lighting pattern and control knob design also looks good and the system feels solidly built overall. For more options, the device is available in several colors such as black, white, burnt gold, silver, and gem blue.

At the same time, the Prisma also has a few issues related to its design. Although cool-looking, the triangular shape doesn’t lend itself as well to being snugly placed in a corner wall, for example. Fitting for the various plugs via its base is also a bit cramped because of the way the plugs are shaped and the narrow distance between the various sockets. Add the connector to the multi-function controller and you’ve got several cords to deal with as well, which works against the clean modern look of the system overall. This is especially an issue if you’re placing the device on an elevated area such as a mantle because you’ll have wires either snaking around or dangling down to an outlet.

All that being said, the Prisma is ultimately a speaker so sound remains the prime consideration for its worthiness. The first time I connected it to a music player, the system sounded muddy. Eventually, however, sound quality improved after being used for a while so it appears that this system benefits from a break-in period. Bass is solid but not as pronounced as some other systems. As such, the Prisma is geared more toward people who like a cleaner, more understated bass as opposed to a wall-shaking powerhouse. One issue I do have with this Edifier set is its volume, particularly its limited loudness. Even with the volume levels set at max for my sound sources and the speaker itself, the sound level doesn’t get super high. In fact, I pretty much usually need to have it at max or just a few levels below max to get loud enough sound. In my case, the max levels for the Prisma typically fall within the loudness range I want but this may still be an issue for folks who really like to turn up the volume on their music.

All things considered, I think the Edifier offers solid performance in a nice-looking modern design. I especially like using it with my computer when watching shows such as Japanese anime as it provides a great balance between the dialogue and background music. Bass fanatics who prefer loud, ear-cracking sound may not be quite satisfied with the Prisma. But if you prefer a Bluetooth-capable speaker with cleaner sound with solid bass that isn’t overpowering, then the Edifier Prisma E3350 could be worth a look. Otherwise, another alternative is the Thonet and Vander Kurbis BT Speaker, which I personally like. Interested in finding out more about stereos and home theater systems? Make sure to check out our TV and Theater Buying Guides to brush up on your home audio know-how.

FINAL RATING: 3.5 stars our of 5

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