Edge Gets Efficiency Mode, Price-Tracking, and More for the Holidays

Useful updates to the Edge browser

Microsoft introduced new features for its Edge Browser on Thursday to make online shopping for the holidays more manageable and safer. 

One of the biggest features is a new efficiency mode. The feature works by setting itself to efficiency mode when it notices your device’s battery is low. When in the efficiency mode, your system resource usage—such as CPU and RAM—will be reduced, so you get more extended battery life. 

Microsoft Edge with shopping features displayed on a laptop computer.

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Another feature that is new to Edge is geared towards the upcoming holiday shopping season. The Edge browser’s new price-tracking alerts you if an item you have recently viewed has changed in price—what with all the last-minute holiday sales that happen this time of year. 

The price-tracking feature works with other built-in Edge tools like price comparison between different sites and price history. Microsoft said the price comparison and history features are now available on the Microsoft Edge mobile app on Android. 

In addition, there’s a new feature being tested that lets you update your password with just one click should it become compromised on a website. The password generator will create a new strong password for you and save it to that specific site, as well as continue to monitor it for you in case it’s ever compromised again. Right now, the feature is only available on a limited number of sites, but Microsoft said it would expand it to more sites in the future. 

Microsoft has been prioritizing its Edge browser after announcing in May of 2021 that it would shut down Internet Explorer as of June 15, 2022. According to Microsoft, the Edge browser has improved compatibility, streamlined productivity, and better browser security over Internet Explorer.

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