Echo Auto and Other Echo Devices Get Big Updates and More

Slimmer design, increased voice controls, and much more

It has been four years since Amazon refreshed the popular Echo Auto, but today’s upgrade may have been worth the wait. 

The new Echo Auto is filled with features to finally deliver on the promise of turning a regular car into a smart car without having to pony up for a brand-new vehicle. The new model is much slimmer than its predecessor, with a redesigned backing film to allow for a sturdier placement, but that’s only the beginning. 

Echo Auto


This refresh includes five separate microphones, so you can put it just about anywhere in the interior, and Alexa will still hear you call for assistance, even with ample road noise. 

Once installed, you have access to the whole Alexa experience. You can use it to ask for emergency roadside assistance, play music, place hands-free calls, navigate to destinations, or even enquire about the definition of 'persnickety.' There is also a new Follow Me function that automatically switches any audio you were playing in your home to your car speakers as you get in. 

"Ambient technology is at its best in environments where people are focused on other tasks, and nowhere is that more important than in the car," Heather Zorn, Amazon's vice president for Alexa, said during today's product launch event. "Voice can minimize distractions and help you keep your eyes on the road so you can focus on the fun of driving."

Echo Auto


The new Echo Auto costs $55, which could pay for itself the first time you run out of gas and need to call for a tow truck. It officially releases later this year. 

In addition to the Echo Auto, Amazon also announced upgrades to the Echo Dot, the Echo Studio, and the Echo Dot Kids Editio, all with improved speakers and some slight cosmetic upgrades. The new Echo Dot with Clock also comes with an enhanced display that can show information beyond the time, such as the artist you are listening to.

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