eBay Acquires Clothing Mobile Marketplace, Twice

eBay Mobile
Image © eBay.in.

July 23, 2015

The mobile market is always full of ups and downs; with companies getting together into partnerships; creating revolutionary new paths and products; then splitting up unexpectedly, sometimes to create more windows of opportunity for themselves. Just days after digital marketplace eBay officially split with PayPal, it has now acquired Twice, an online secondhand clothing store. The giant has made this move, with a view to help it power the eBay Valet, its assisted-selling service; as well as to improve upon its own mobile presence.

Twice was founded in 2012 and sells branded used clothing online, at heavily discounted rates. eBay will employ some of Twice’s technology, also integrating it with eBay Valet, which has recently started accepting high-end, secondhand apparel.

eBay Tries to Attract Users on Mobile

eBay, which was at one time a pioneer digital retailer, has recently taken somewhat of a beating from competitors such as Amazon and others. Secondhand apparel shopping on mobile is booming today, with the current generation of users clamoring to purchase used designer clothing at low prices.

Earlier in March this year, eBay Classifieds had joined hands with the search advertising network, adMarketplace, in order to improve the search experience for smartphone and tablet users. This service sought to attract mobile device users by offering relevant ads; a target that adMarketplace successfully delivered.

By acquiring Twice, the giant hopes to grow its customer base, also developing a strong mobile presence. It seeks to better its own mobile strategy, thereby making it more convenient for the current generation of mobile retailers. Since the company is already reputed and well-established, it hopes to get right back to the top of the heap with this move.

eBay officially announced on July 20, 2015, that by acquiring Twice’s mobile app, it would be selling items via its eBay Valet service for 80 percent profit; while also making the entire process of mobile shopping easier for both retailers as well as customers.

The terms of the deal are yet to be officially disclosed. However, Twice has stated that it would be gradually shutting down its current Website, apps and other businesses. At the moment, it is working to clear its inventory and will accept returns only till the month-end.