EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer Review

Find ample organization and storage space in this faux leather docking stand

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EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer

EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer


What We Like

  • Attractive synthetic leather design with white stitching

  • Includes a shallow storage drawer for extra cables

  • Adequate space in the hidden compartment for a low profile charger

What We Don't Like

  • Constructed out of lightweight fiberboard and staples

  • No charger included

The EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer has a striking look that won’t tickle everyone’s fancy, but if you’re looking for something a little different, it’s a very functional option for storing your devices as they charge.


EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer

EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer


The EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer is a faux leather stand that’s designed to hold two phones, two or three tablets, and conceal the charger of your choice in a hidden compartment. It doesn’t actually come with a charger, but there’s enough room to tuck in at least two phone chargers, or an appropriately sized multi-charger.

We recently tested one of these out around the office, and at home, to see how it stacks up against the competitions. We tested things like how well it fits different sorts of devices, how hard it is to put together, how usable it is on a daily basis, and more.

EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer

Design: Attractive black synthetic leather with white stitching

The EasyAcc stands out from a lot of other charging docks, stands, and organizers because it’s covered in faux leather with striking white stitching. The overall design isn’t that different from a lot of other charging docks and organizers, but it’s a definite departure from the majority which are of wood or plastic.

In addition to the space that this dock and organizer allots for phones and tablets, it has a slot for pens, scissors, and other items to keep handy at your des

The overall design takes cues from traditional mail organizers, with three primary device slots separated by vertical dividers. The two rear slots are designed for tablets, while the front has space for two vertically oriented phones, complete with pass-through cutouts for charging cables.

In addition to the space that this dock and organizer allots for phones and tablets, it has a slot for pens, scissors, and other items to keep handy at your desk. This slot passes through into the hidden compartment that’s designed to hold your charger and cables. Dropping in small items like coins and paper clips will result in those items falling into that compartment.

The organizer is made up of three discrete components, all of which connect together securely with the help of strong magnets. The top component is designed to hold your phones and tablets, the middle component has space for your USB charger and cables, and the bottom tier includes a shallow drawer where you can store additional charging cables and anything else you want to keep at hand.

EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer

Setup Process: Snaps together and ready to go almost right out of the box

To save space, the organizer doesn’t ship in its final configuration. You don’t need to assemble anything, but you will need to remove the drawer from the tablet stand, insert it into the drawer sleeve, and then snap the three main components together in the correct order.

Placing a charger in the hidden compartment, and routing USB cables through the individual cutouts, also adds a bit of time to the setup process.

Ease of Use: No usability problems with the right cables

The dock has two slots for vertically oriented phones on the front, so setting your phone down will let you see the screen at a glance. Setting tablets in the rear slots is also easy, and there’s a cutout in the center divider to make it easier to get a grip.

The dock has two slots for vertically oriented phones on the front, so setting your phone down will let you see the screen at a glance.

The one usability issue we ran into is that the hidden compartment that holds your charger and cables is fairly shallow. The problem is that if the connectors on your USB cables are too long (many of ours were), it’s impossible to get your phone to rest securely on the stand. The USB cable bottoms out, and the phone tilts precariously from one side to the other. If you have low-profile USB cables or even 90-degree USB cables, this isn’t an issue.

EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer

Construction: Feels solid, but made of lightweight fiberboard

The organizer feels like it’s solidly constructed. There is very little flex in the dividers and walls, and the three individual sections all snap together securely with powerful magnets. However, it’s clearly made out of lightweight fiberboard, stapled together, and then covered with faux-leather.

While it’s built solidly enough, considering the materials that were used, it can’t stand up to a solid wood charging station in terms of durability. It’s perfectly adequate for phones and lightweight tablets, but relying on the rear panel to support the weight of a laptop might be tempting fate. Even heavier tablets should be monitored closely.

There is very little flex in the dividers and walls, and the three individual sections all snap together securely with powerful magnets.

Charging Speed: Depends on what you have

The EasyAcc organizer doesn’t include a charger, so there is no set charging speed. The hidden compartment inside the docking stand is a little more than an inch deep, so you can thread in a multi-plug extension cord for your existing USB chargers, or use any multi-port USB charger that will fit in that space.

EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer

Charging Capacity: No charger included

Since there is no built-in charger, there’s no set limit as to how many devices you can charge at once. You’re limited to two phones in the front slots, and a couple of tablets in the rear slots, but you can always hang a smartwatch on the accessory slot, or set additional devices on the desk next to the stand.

Price: Competitive pricing

The EasyAcc USB Multi-Device Organizer is priced at $35.99 on Amazon. It’s the same range as most other electronic charging docks and organizers that require you to use your own charger. That said, the materials are somewhat lower quality than other options, which isn’t reflected in the price. So while the price is acceptable in terms of functionality and usability, we expected a docking stand made of fiberboard to be priced a little lower.

Competition: A unique aesthetic that stands out

The organizer has a unique look when compared to competing units that are made of wood or plastic. If you find the synthetic leather look appealing, then this is a decent choice over the sturdier, yet more traditional looking, Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station.

While the EasyAcc isn’t as sturdy as the Eco Bamboo Multi-Device Charging Station, it does have some more utility in the form of the accessory slot and the storage drawer. If you like the way this one looks, and you’re looking for some extra storage space, this is a good option.

If you prefer a more traditional wood design, and you need a bit more storage space, Organize-It-All Multi-Device Charging Station is made out of composite wood and features a massive storage drawer.

If you want a charging station that actually includes a built-in charger, there are a number of options in this general price range. The SIIG 90W Smart Charging Station is a basic black plastic device that doesn’t offer any additional storage options, but it can charge up to 10 devices at once with its built-in charger.

Another option in this price range, the Simicore USB Charging Station, can charge up to four devices at once, and it also includes a handful of USB charging cables for both Apple and Android devices.

Final Verdict

A little flimsy compared to the competition, but it has an attractive design.

If you like the way the EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer looks, and you don’t mind adding your own charger, you’ll probably be happy. It holds plenty of devices, the storage drawer is a nice touch, and it even has a place to hold a few pens, scissors, and other items. The stapled fiberboard construction isn’t as durable as the solid wood found in competitors, or even the plastic used by others, so don’t buy this charging station if you need something that’s capable of holding laptops. If you just need to charge phones and lightweight tablets, you should be fine.


  • Product Name EasyAcc Multi-Device Organizer for Phones, Tablets and Accessories
  • Product Brand EasyAcc
  • Price $35.99
  • Weight 3.45 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 10 x 5.2 x 8.9 in.
  • Material Fiberboard and faux leather
  • Device slots Four
  • Warranty One year limited
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