EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard v12.9.1

A full review of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, a free file undelete tool

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free v12.9

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free file recovery program for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It recovers data from internal and external hard drives, as well as USB devices, memory cards, iOS devices, music players, and similar devices.

EaseUS Data Recovery has a major disadvantage when you compare it to similar file recovery software but it does have specific features you might like, plus it's really easy to use.

What We Like

  • Program isn't difficult to use (no confusing settings or screens)

  • Can preview files before recovering them

  • Multiple files can be undeleted at the same time

What We Don't Like

  • Only 500 MB of data can be recovered for free

More About EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

The program offers several characteristics:

  • Both Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP) and Mac users can install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • You can browse through the deleted files by path in a Windows Explorer-like fashion, as well as by file type and by the year and month that the data was removed
  • The results of a scan can be backed up and then reopened in the future so you can recover deleted files at a later time without having to rescan the entire drive
  • Deleted files found by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can be sorted by their name, date, and file type
  • Though a deep scan takes longer to finish versus a regular, quick scan, it can check the drive more thoroughly
  • A search tool lets you search through the results of a scan to find a file by its name or extension
  • Windows users can recover files from not only Windows file systems but also from drives formatted with the Mac HFS+ file system

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard—Reviewed

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is simple to use. The first screen of the program prompts you to place a check next to each category of files that you want to recovery.

For example, if you're only looking for video files, you'd choose that option and leave the email, documents, and audio files unchecked. Otherwise, you can scan for all types of files. Then, just choose whether to scan the desktop folder, your personal folders, or an entire disk drive

When restoring multiple files at once, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard keeps their original folder structure intact.

We also like the backup-and-restore feature, which comes in handy if you've run a scan for deleted files on one drive but want to run another scan on a different drive. Just back up the results of the first scan to an RSF file, and then restore that same file when you're ready to recover that drive's files.

It might seem like a big deal that EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can only undelete 500 MB of your files, but you'll probably find that the document files, images, or audio files that you accidentally deleted are far less than 500 MB in size.

There's an option in the program to recover up to 2 GB for free but you have to first share a social media post on Facebook or Twitter about EaseUS Data Recovery.