E3 2023: Dates, News, Announcements, Rumors, and Everything Else to Know

The entertainment-meets-gaming tradeshow of the year

E3 is an annual event sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) for software developers, hardware manufacturers, and video game publishers. The event is sort of like the gaming industry's answer to CES (an annual consumer electronics event); hundreds of exhibitors with new and upcoming products show off game demos, host presentations, and showcase the latest in video games and innovative technologies over several days.

What Are the Dates for the Next E3?

The ESA didn't hold E3 events the past couple years, but it's planning on bringing it back in 2023. This year's event will take place June 11-16 both online and at at the Los Angeles Convention Center, with separate industry and public days and briefings. Instead of the ESA, however, marketing coordinator Reedpop will be handling all of the details.

Public and professional events will occur in different parts of the convention center between June 13 and 15.

Predictions: Which Products Will Be Announced?

E3 is typically when developers and publishers provide more details on both announced and debut products. We're in the middle of a console cycle, with the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch nowhere near the ends of their lives, so we shouldn't expect any new hardware to premiere.

Some games that may reveal more details are the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake; Judas, the first project from Ghost Story Games (many of whose developers worked on BioShock); and the latest in the Dragon Age series.

How to Stream and Watch E3

You can stream the whole thing on E3's official Twitch and YouTube pages.

The Latest E3 and Other Gaming News

You can always get your gaming news fix at Lifewire, but here are a few headlines that might interest you, too.

We'll be back with more news (and a few rumors) as the event develops; stay tuned.

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