E-Ink Writing Tablet ReMarkable 2 Goes All-in on... Typing

With a new keyboard and integration options

The reMarkable 2 E-ink tablet is designed to make it easier to write by hand, but now the gadget is going all in with enhancements for typing. 

First up, the company just announced a proprietary keyboard for the reMarkable 2 called the Type Folio. This is the first time the tablet line has offered support for a keyboard, and it has been designed with this particular gadget in mind. The Type Folio is thin and sturdy but still offers full-size letter keys, number keys, function keys, and more. 

ReMarkable 2 Type Folio


This keyboard is also made to automatically connect to the reMarkable 2 tablet via magnets and requires no additional pairing, charging, updating, or fiddling with various ports.

The tablet’s UI is getting a refresh to support the keyboard, with minimalist formatting options to make switching between handwriting and typing a breeze. 

Type Folio comes in two faux-leather finishes, Sepia Brown and Ink Black. This well-designed keyboard comes with some significant sticker shock: it costs $200. That is nearly the cost of the tablet itself, as the reMarkable 2 comes in at $300. When you add in the standalone stylus at $80, that totals nearly $600 to fully embrace this ecosystem. 

Beyond the Type Folio, the company is also rolling out software updates to let users add typed text to notes and allow for editing typed notes in the reMarkable mobile and desktop apps.

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