DVDs, DVRs & Videos

DVDs, DVRs, and videos are important pieces of your home theater. Learn more about them and discover what will work best in your home.
DVD inserting into a laptop optical disk drive
What You Need to Know About DVD Region Codes
A person placing a Blu-ray disc into a player
What You Need to Do Before You Buy a Blu-ray Player
Person placing a DVD-R in a laptop
What's the Difference Between DVD+R and DVD-R?
CD drive
How to Find the Right Video Capture Device for You
An illustration of a camcorder connected to a laptop PC.
How to Transfer Old 8mm and Hi8 Video Tapes to DVD or VHS
Illustration of a person sitting atop a DVR unit, holding binoculars to their eyes
What You Should Know Before Buying a DVR
A Blu-ray Disc in a package with film strips flying out of the disc
What Looks Better: Upscaled DVD or Blu-ray?
Official Blu-ray Disc logo
What Is Blu-ray and How Is It Different From DVD?
Blu-ray Disc Logo With Dolby Atmos
Blu-ray Disc Releases With Dolby Atmos To Spice Up Your Home Theater
DVD, Blu-Ray and CD discs
Can Blu-ray Disc Players Play DVDs and CDs?
Cutaway of a DVD burner
Not All DVD Formats Can Store the Same Amount of Data
Samsung BD-H5900 Blu-ray Disc Player - Photo of Rear Connections
How Blu-ray Disc Players Can Be Used as a Streaming Device
A close-up stock photo of two Microsoft Surface laptops on a white table. The main laptop which is blue, has a blue wireless mouse sitting next to it.
3 Ways to Watch a DVD on Windows 10
Illustration of couple watching 3D TV in livingroom
The 20 Best 20 3D Blu-Ray Movies
Illustration of a confused person looking for a spot to put an 8mm tape into a modern home theater system
The 8mm/VHS Adapter - Real or Myth?
CD with bandaid, indicating that it's been scratched due to unsafe cleaning
How to Clean Dirty DVDs, Blu-rays, and Video Games
Animated illustration of a person looking quizzically at a DVD player while holding a Blu-ray disc
Is It Possible to Play a Blu-ray Disc on a DVD Player?
How Much Does a TiVo Box and Service Plan Cost?
DVD Recording
How to Transfer Video from a DVR to a DVD Recorder
The main screen of TiVo Desktop
How to Move Recording From Your TiVo to Your PC
VHS VCR Head Assembly - Two Views
How To Keep Your VCR's Heads Clean
Blu-ray Disc Player
Blu-ray Disc Player Audio Connection Guide
A man holding a camcorder towards himself and his family.
Put Old Camcorder Videos on Your PC
Laptop with DVD drive
Find Out Why Your Burned DVDs Won't Play
A grandparent filming a grandchild
How to Compress Videos
Plugging in cables
How to Connect a DVD Recorder to a Television
Recordable DVD - Blank Disc Examples
What Discs Do I Use to Record a DVD?
DVD.com envelope
How to Use the Netflix DVD Rental Program

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