The DVDO Matrix44 4K Ultra HD HDMI Switcher

An HDMI switcher with a lot of flexibility for both home and commercial use


Building on the foundation of their popular Quick6 and Quick6R series HDMI Switchers, DVDO is offering a variation, the Matrix44.

The Matrix Approach

HDMI switchers expand the number of inputs that you have access to for your TV or home theater receiver. However, what makes Matrix44 stand out is that it has the ability to output four different HDMI sources to its four HDMI outputs independently. This capability is where the label "Matrix" comes from.

What this means is that if you have four different source components, such as a Blu-ray Disc player, cable/satellite box, game console, and media streamer connected to each HDMI input, you have the choice of sending each source to up to four TVs, or, if you desire, send each source to one or more TVs in any combination up to four. The input and output mix is up to you.

The four HDMI outputs can distribute video (as well as audio) to four different Display monitors, TVs and/or video projectors or home theater receivers. Each of the four HDMI sources (both audio and video) can be sent the same or up to four different video display devices at the same time with full 4K Ultra HD resolution. In addition, you can switch sources going to one output without affecting the source already designated for any of the other outputs.

Core HDMI Specifications

Here are the HDMI connection specifications of the Matrix44.

Video Support

Video Support is provided for the following resolutions, refresh rates, and color standards.

Audio Support

Audio Support is provided for the following audio codecs and formats.

The Bottom Line

The DVDO Matrix44 provides a lot of flexibility - and is especially suitable for professional and commercial applications. However, it is important to point out that the Matrix44 is a switcher only, it does not perform any upscaling or additional video or audio processing - it merely passes whatever compatible signal format, resolution, or upscaling that is provided by the source devices connected to it.

It is also important to point out that for full 4K display capability, all four TVs connected to the Matrix44 need to be 4K capable. If you send a source signal to two or more TVs with different resolutions at the same time, the output resolution going to those TVs will default to the TV with the lowest resolution display capability. In other words, if you send a 4K source to both 1080p and 4K Ultra HD TV, the output resolution of the Matrix44 signal going to those TVs will default to 1080p.

The Matrix44 provides a handheld remote control, but is also custom control integration compatible via RS232 Serial port or Ethernet/LAN connection, if needed, or desired. Also, a USB port is in included for the installation of any needed firmware updates (The USB port cannot be used to play digital media).

The DVDO Matrix44 is rack mountable, which adds physical installation flexibility.

The Matrix44 is ideal for home theater setups that may include both a video projector and HD or 4K Ultra HD TV in the same room, or for sending sources to other rooms (including outdoors for those that have an outdoor TV or video projector setup) without having to move source devices around.

For business or classroom room use, the Matrix44 will work with multiple displays, where either one source needs to be sent to more than one display, or a different source needs to be shown on different displays at different times or locations.

The DVDO Matrix44 is available through authorized DVDO Dealers, installers, and online partners. For more details, check out the Official Product Page.

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