Is there a DVD recorder that records in all formats?

So far, most of the DVD recorders made by LG and Panasonic, are now able to record in all current DVD formats: DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, and DVD-RAM. In addition, there are more DVD recorders that are able to record in either DVD-R DL (double layer) or DVD+R DL (double layer) as well.

In addition, Sony offers standalone DVD recorders that can record in the DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW formats, while Toshiba and several others have introduced DVD recorders that record in DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM but Toshiba has added DVD+R/DVD+RW to some more recent models. Pioneer DVD Recorders (now discontinued) recorded in DVD-R/-RW only.

Also, LiteON once made a DVD recorder that could record not only to DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW, but could also record video and audio CD-R/-RWs, but it is no longer in production. There is no standalone DVD recorder that includes all DVD and CD formats in a total multi-format recording mix. Lastly, for those that prefer to take the PC route to DVD recording, a few manufacturers now have DVD burners for PCs that can write in all formats (DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW/RAM).

It may seem confusing to have to decide between all of the DVD recording formats. You are asking yourself: "Which one will become obsolete the quickest?". The real answer to this is: "None of them". As long as the recorded DVD plays in your DVD player, or your friend's and/or relative's DVD player(s). That is all that really matters. The only format to stay away from, in terms of compatibility with most other players, is DVD-RAM.

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